Broadcast 327 (Special Edition)

17 Apr 2005 Dr. Simon Mitton
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Dr. Simon Mitton, Cambridge University astronomer and author of the new book about the life of Fred Hoyle, Conflict In The Cosmos: Fred Hoyle's Life In Science, was the guest for this Space Show program. Dr. Mitton began the interview by telling us how he ended up at Cambridge as an astronomer and about his early experiences meeting Fed Hoyle. Dr. Mitton then talked about some of the very significant and important scientific contributions by Dr. Hoyle including the coining of the term "Big Bang," the development of the Steady State theory for the universe with associates, and the discovery that humans are actually star people given we are composed of the elements found within a star. Many questions were asked of Dr. Mitton, including a request for his favorite astronomy reading list which you will hear him talk about, his opinion on Hubble and keeping it in orbit, the James Webb infrared telescope and the quality of Earth-bound adaptive optive telescopes as compared to Hubble. A question was asked of Dr. Mitton regarding Hoyle and religion, especially given his star people origins theory which has been validated. We also talked about Stephen Hawking and his work as compared to that of Hoyle, our plans to return to the Moon and have a human space exploration program, and Hoyle's resignation from Cambridge in 1972 as a result of Hoyle thinking there was a plot to remove him from the university. Our discussion with Dr. Mitton was broad ranging and I look forward to bringing him back to The Space Show to not only learn more about Fred Hoyle and his work, but the other areas of Dr. Mitton's interest including gravity, string and M theory and much more. Questions for Dr. Mitton can be sent to him through and I will make sure they are forwarded to him.



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