Broadcast 415 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

16 Nov 2005 Charles Pooley
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Charles Pooley was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Pooley discussed his company, Microlaunchers, and also the subject of microlaunch vehicles, i.e., starting small and growing to larger and more successful launch vehicles. He points out that starting out in the rocket business by making large rockets has a track record leading to failure. Mr. Pooley's approach is to start small, with 1 lb. satellites or cubesats, launching a total payload of 8 lbs. to LEO. In response to questions, he describes the usefulness of an 8lb payload, even states what such a small payload could do on the Moon. Mr. Pooley also believes the microlaunchers will open up various economic markets which do not exist at this time and expand others such as the space burial market. Mr. Pooley described his own business plan and approach, his need for angel or investor financing, and what his path will be to establish Microlaunchers as a successful economic venture. To find out more about microlaunchers, his company, Microlaunchers, and the value of starting small, visit Mr. Pooley's contact information is available on his website. You can also send him e-mail at



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