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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guests:  Open Lines with multiple callers; Topics:  Many diverse and at times strange topics.  See the tags/key words for a quick summary of today's discussion topics for this 2 hour 12 minute program.

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Welcome to our 2 hour 12 minute strange indeed Open Lines program.  You say why strange?  Well, just listen to it.  First, for a short topic summary, refer to the tags and key words which are repeated here:

"Open Lines, new Tic Tac video, emergent gravity, windmills and birds, submarine Tic Tac events, Bokeh photography, Jeff Bezos incentive for going slow, free space platforms, O'Neill cylinders, moving industry off Earth, children in space, self-replicating machines, 3D printing, ISRU, inflatable structures, using Starship to return resources to Earth, space mining, electric vehicles, EV batteries, rare earth materials for batteries, International Energy Agency (IEA) Report, Mark Mills WSJ op-ed on the IEA Report, EV for farming, battery life and mass, finding new & different solutions to challenges, Maslow Windows, cybersecurity, computer backups for cyber attacks, backdoors for cyber attacks, phishing examples allowing cyber attacks."

For more details, we started with the newly released Tic Tac video from the USS Omaha off San Diego made in 2019.  Ft. Worth John called in to discuss what was known about it but after his call, we took a fairly long call from Tony in Pasadena who explained in detail why he was skeptical of the vide.  Just listen to what he said, why he said it, and more. He introduced us to Bokeh photography given the item was blurred plus much more.  In the end I said I needed to end the call as we had spent too much time on the subject. Still, Tony had much to say so do listen to his analysis.  John also talked at length about emergent gravity and the work of Eric Vanlinde.

Dr. Doug was the next caller with a theory on why Bezos and Blue Origin move slowly on their development projects.  His analysis led to Jeff's belief in the O'Neillian cylinders and free space.  Doug had much to say that was not so supportive of O'Neillian idea.  Doug's call was lengthy, especially since he was critical of the O'Neilian concept.  As for the Bezos idea of moving industry off Earth to orbit to save Earth, well, let us know what you think of what Doug had to say about this, also about the "twilight" (my word) of certain industries like petroleum.  As Doug continued on, we brought Fremont John in to the call as John is an O'Neillian supporter.  Doug and John continued their discussion for quite a while and you will want to hear all of it.  As soon as the two ended the call, Marshall called in to respond to some of the electric vehicle and battery comments that had been made by using farming equipment as an example.  Marshall's comments, along with mine on the mass of EV batteries and such prompted Dr. Doug to call in to suggest that innovative people like Musk might find an alternate solution to some of the challenges Marshall was talking about with batteries, farm equipment and such so that finding a different way of doing something from how we do it today should not be discounted or overlooked, 

Somehow our conversations led us to the pipeline computer hacking story.  This prompted David in Glendale, AZ to call to share his computer experience with us as he had been involved with cybersecurity matters.  He talked about how hackers usually get in, backdoors in computers, cell phones plus other equipment, the role of China and Russia in these areas, the typos of operating systems and vulnerabilities something like pipeline company might have and why they might decide to pay ransom than to try and start their systems over again.  It was a very interesting discussion.  As I am writing this summary Monday morning, I see Rick, another professional computer expert, posted a slightly different take on cybersecurity on the blog for this show.  For those of you interested in the subject, be sure to read Rick's blog post. 

Please post on our blog any comments/questions you might have after listening to this show.  If you want to contact any of our callers and most of those having sent us emails, you can do so through me.  Furthermore, if you are having a problem downloading the IEA report from my blog comment (we talked about this in our battery discussion, also on the John Jossy program from Friday), here is the URL for the report.  I strongly urge you read it:




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16 May 2021 Dr. David Livingston
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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