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We welcomed back both Hannah Kerner and Ally Abrams to discuss the coming NewSpace Conference 2016, the SFF, space advocacy, commercial space, settlement and much more. During the first segment of our 89 minute discussion, Hannah started out by telling us about the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) and NewSpace 2016.  Check out the SFF website,  The NewSpace 2016 website is  I suggest you follow along with our guests as we discuss many of the NewSpace Conference speakers, keynotes, and panel discussions.  One important item to note:  Hannah and Ally have provided Space Show listeners with a discount code should you register for the conference.  If you use this code, you will be able to get the Early Bird registration rate which has already expired.  Use discount code SpaceShow16 for all Early Bird event & registration fees. 

After Hannah had introduced us to the SFF, we focused on the NewSpace Conference.  The Conference is in Seattle, WA this year from June 21-23, 2016.  This year's conference is about commercial space development along with the human settlement of space.  We went through the conference agenda,, highlighting speakers, panels, and keynotes.  Hannah also told us how they were handling lunches and speakers for this year's event as it will be different from previous years. 

Our guests described and talked about the New Space Venture Lab.  You can read about this project here:  As you will hear, this ties in with the NewSpace theme being about investors, companies, business accelerators, seed capital & entrepreneurial startups.  Our guests referred to it as a "virtual accelerator" or incubator.  It is also the new SFF project as the traditional Business Plan Competition has become an independent event separate from SFF. 

Todd in San Diego asked both our guests why they were involved in pushing for commercial space and space settlement.  Listen to the full question to understand the actual scope of it. In response, our guests talked about the changing demographics for the SFF and the fact that millennials and women were playing a much larger role in the Foundation at this time.  Both Hannah and Ally responded to Todd, telling their personal stories of how and why they each decided to work for commercial space and space settlement goals.  You do not want to miss this important discussion.

Before the segment ended, I asked our guest is they could identify a turning point or something that caused them to make a change in their thinking and perception.  I noted my turning point came as a result of Elon Musk and SpaceX because after they were on the scene, I started noting differences in Space Show guests, callers, and an enlarged field of discussion topics.  Don't miss what our two guests said was the turning point or event of record for them.

In the shorter second segment, I asked Hannah about the project Warp Speed White Board.  You can find out more about this project by watching a very short video about this event:

In addition, Hannah told us about her being part of the Explore Mars H2Mars Conference panel, the Innovation & Economics To Mars Panel.  She gave us a glimpse of what she will be saying on this panel.  I did ask each guest for their favorite panel at the NewSpace 2016 event for this year.  The last listener question came from Dr. Doug asking about retirement on Mars as a possible driver for HSF to Mars.  Before we ended the discussion, our guests talked about the many networking opportunities available for those attending NewSpace 2016.  Listen to their closing comments and "buckle up!"

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New Space 2016 Conference, SFF, & more

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16 May 2016 Alexandra Abrams, Hannah Kerner
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