Broadcast 3528 Dr. Harold "Sonny" White; Open Lines

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Guest: Dr. Harold "Sonny" White followed by a short Open Lines second segment; Topics:  Dr. White's organization Limitless Space Institute and programs, advanced propulsion, physics, 30 possible new ET civilizations, rebooting a failed society.

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We welcomed Dr. Sonny White back to the program for the first segment of our program which was about 52 minutes in length.  After brief Space Show announcements, we continued into Open Lines but only Ft. Worth John Called.  Regarding Dr. White, not only did we talk at length about his new company, Limitless Space Institute and their programs (see, Dr. White responded to phone calls and emails regarding advanced propulsion, space drives, physics and much more.  For a guide to most of what we talked about, I have again repeated the Tags/Key Words for the program below:

Tags/Key Words:

Limitless Space Institute, interstellar flight R&D, university associations, student programs, advanced propulsion research, solar electric propulsion for human spaceflight, fusion propulsion, ITER, alternative fusion systems, nuclear electric propulsion, breakthrough propulsion EM Drive, Mach thrusters, solar system power requirements, research grants for power & propulsion, SNAP 10A experimental program for nuclear satellite, kilograms per kilowatt formula, nuclear thermal high temperatures, magnetic containment, magnetic fields, MIT, Tokamak reactor, deep space power & energy needs, testing in space vs. the lab, space drives, EM Drive reviewed paper, exotic matter for propulsion, Casimir effect, PuFF reactor, anti-matter propulsion, new study on 30 possible ET civilizations from UK Nottingham, rebooting a failed society, Dynamic Vacuum Model, RTGs, Spark Reactor.

Per the phone calls, Ft. Worth John was first to talk about nuclear propulsion, high temps needed for nuclear reactors and the needed space heat dissipation.  Don't miss Sonny's and John's discussion with the examples cited by our guest.  Sonny also talked at length about the importance of kilograms per kilowatt regarding nuclear power. This was an important discussion.  This discussion included additional topics relating to fusion, magnetic fields and containment, MIT projects, the Spark Reactor, ITER and Tokamaks. 

Markus sent us an email about testing in space compared to testing in a lab.  Sonny explained why the lab was better than attempting to test new materials and theories in space.  Let us know what you think about testing in space as this is a frequent Space Show discussion topic. Following the testing question, Sonny was asked about space drives which he said included EmDrive, Mach thrusters and similar concepts.  He talked about his EmDrive work and referred people to his peer reviewed paper on the EmDrive which was published a few years ago.  I believe you can read and download the paper here: His EmDrive paper called for more research into the subject.

Bruce sent in several emails asking about exotic matter for propulsion, including the Casimir effect which our guest explained.  Sonny had much to say about the use of exotic materials.  Bruce asked a follow up question about the NASA PuFF reactor being developed at MSFC and the University of Alabama Huntsville.  As we were closing in on the end of the  Dr. White's Space Show segment, I asked about anti-matter propulsion possibilities given conferences I've attended on the subject plus Space Show guests talking about this advanced form of propulsion.  Dr. White said it had potential but there were challenges with in it in for storing the energy and even creating sufficient anti-matter.  Don't miss all his comments on this subject.

We started the second program segment with my talking about our sponsors and supporting The Space Show as we held off on this business up front to give our guest more talk time.  We had one OL caller, Ft. Worth John.  He responded to an article I mentioned about researchers at the Nottingham University in the UK suggesting there might be as many as 30 alien civilizations,  This was based on the researchers using a calculation dubbed "The Astrobiological Copernican Limit."  You can find many articles on this but the one I sent to John for commentary can be found at  John then used the rest of his OL time to inquire about rebooting a failed society and how hard it might be.  He was extrapolating that to what he saw happening today in the US and throughout the West and though that if we blew our chances for advancing in space this time around, it might be next to impossible to do later.  Your thoughts on John's comments are welcome. Please post them on the blog.

Please post your comments/questions for Dr. White and our Open Lines brief discussion by posting on the blog for this show.  You can reach Dr. White through his company website per above or me.  Ft. Worth John can be reached through me.




SPECIAL TIME Dr. Sonny White joins us for the first segment re interstellar & advanced propulsion & physics. Call early. Open Lines for the balance of this program.

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16 Jun 2020 Dr. Harold Sonny White
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