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Welcome to our two hour one segment Tuesday Open Lines program.  After a few brief announcements, our first caller was David in Seattle asking about comments made by our recent guest, Davide Sivolella.  During Davide's interview, he mentioned that he preferred separating cargo from human spaceflight.  David wanted to know why he wanted to do that.  I suggested he post it on the blog and see if Davide will respond.  David also asked an Alexa question re live stream.  I then asked him about recent Space Show program where the subject of benefit sharing came up for commercial space.  We talked about this concept for a while, also about the California economy which neither David or I support though as I pointed out, it has been outstanding for the entrepreneurial commercial space industry.  By the way, I read in this morning's news (the morning after our OL discussion), that yet another California breakup plan has been proposed, this time by conservatives rather than the far left.  I guess there is no shortage of unhappiness with the California way on all sides of the spectrum.  So far commercial space opportunities have been outstanding in California and I hope to see that continue regardless of these political fights and strains.

Marshall called next to tell us that the Falcon Heavy static fire test was delayed due to a bug in the launch pad hardware.  Marshall and I talked about that for a few minutes and then I asked Marshall to comment on the global economy and benefit sharing.  Marshall's focus was on computer sand technology, talking about the advances in the I7 chip and what is just around the corner for even more processing power.  He suggested this would transform the global economy and our access to it.  Don't miss what he said about benefit sharing and possible economic system global changes at some point in the future.  What do think about this subject?  Let us know with a pot on the blog.  Before Marshall ended the call, I asked if he could ascertain and Oklahoma perspective on Rep. Bridenstine' s nomination as NASA administrator.  You might be surprised by his answer.

Kim was our next caller.  She spoke about space tourism, creativity, imagination, and the importance of doing things in space as opposed to those who think space is a waste of money.  This topic came up because Marshall mentioned one of his cousins that said space was a waste, there was nothing there for people and we should not be spending money on it.  Kim and I had an interesting discussion on this topic so don't miss it.  Kim also talked about the Tesla going to Mars on the Falcon Heavy.  She said it was an outstanding piece of performance art.  We talked about it as performance art for several minutes, both agreeing that it was a terrific piece of performance art.  Listen to all of what Kim had to say.  What do you think? Performance art or something else?  Kim mentioned a post by Dr. Spudis on recent articles about lunar lava tubes as Paul was very critical of what was being said. You can read Paul's post here:

John Hunt called to talk about SLS. He wanted to know if they could redo the SLS first stage and make it reusable.  I told him I had no idea.  John got some blowback from another listener via email.  We also talked about the Zuma mission and wondered if it was black ops and not really lost.  A few people speculated about this possibility.  Kim mentioned that many were trying to find Zuma thinking it was a black ops mission and was not lost. She said on the blogs she follows on the subject nobody has reported finding it.

I then suggested an article I read regarding the possibility of dogs talking with the help of a pet translator.  Here is the article:  I tracked down the professor doing the research and will see about inviting him to the show.  If we get a pet translator for dogs, we can then get their consent to go with us to a space settlement, a topic we have talked about from time to time over the years on TSS.  Even if the pet translator won't work for space, it seems like an interesting topic for a fun show so I will be reaching out to the good professor at Northern Arizona State University.  If he does come on the show, I will promote it quite a bit.

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16 Jan 2018 Dr. David Livingston
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