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We welcomed back Dr. John Brandenburg to discuss his GEM Theory of Unification, physics, his nuclear explosion theory for Mars, and his latest science fiction book.  During the first segment of our nearly two hour show, John opened up by responding to an email from Madhu suggesting his nuclear explosion on Mars theory was bogus and that the isotopes in question change over time.  I wanted Madhu to call the show but that did not happen so I sent his two emails directly to John for John's response.  John replied, cited the references for his work and pointed out why he believed Madhu was wrong.  John went over the Xenon 129 and Xenon 132 hypothesis, plus other isotopes, and explained why the effect over time was just the opposite of what Madhu was suggesting.  Take a listen and see what you think.  Let us know on the blog.  During this discussion,

John then turned his attention to his GEM Theory of Unification (listen to earlier Space Show programs).  He worked this discussion into commenting on EmDrive and the recent Eagleworks peer reviewed paper on EmDrive.  John was very supportive and thought the thrust effect was real but also called for more verification and study.  John fielded listener email questions regarding EmDrive and the Eagleworks paper.  Listener Ben wanted to know if John was familiar with the paper that attempted to debunk the Eagleworks paper  John had some general comments about debunking that you will want to hear.  You will also hear John talk about a Japanese gyroscope experiment on spinning and mass weight loss. Here is the paper he was talking about:

Tim sent in an email with three very good questions.  Here they are:  "1). If the EmDrive is producing particles from virtual particles for propulsion, wouldn't it be creating both particles and antiparticles because of charge conservation.  2). How does GEM theory fit into the discrepancy between gravity and the rotational speed of galaxies and does cosmology still need dark matter to explain the discrepancy?  3). Does GEM theory explain the Pioneer anomaly?"  John responded to each of Tim's questions so don't miss what he had to say.

We started the second segment with another email from Tim asking about plasma cosmology.  In his response, John talked about The Big Bang Theory, the Steady State of the universe and more.  He stressed over and over again the importance of the role of BOTH gravity and electro-magnetism.  Do not miss this short discussion.

Next, John talked about his science fiction writing, his themes, what he draws upon for inspiration.  He related this to his Morningstar UFO Trilogy.  He explained the Trilogy starting with a review of Book I which we have discussed on TSS.  His latest book, "To Rule the Night: The UFO War: Book II of the Morningstar UFO Trilogy," was then discussed but John did not give us any spoilers while going over the story line.  He also gave us some glimpses of Book III which he said was already written but not yet published.  He spent some time talking about his UFO cover-up story line with war with the aliens (grays) and humanity.  The book is available on Amazon as a Kindle but will be out in paperback later on.  Remember, if you buy the book, please use The Space Show/OGLF Amazon portal so that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to The Space Show.  Use the Amazon link on our home page. You can't miss it. 

After describing Book II, John spent the balance of the program mainly discussing how he used Earth's history, global history, and humanity for inspiration in his story line.  John went into detail about he did this and what he draws upon and why.  It was a good glimpse into the mental workings of Dr. Brandenburg! 

One other thing John mentioned later in this segment was the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF) at the Jefferson Lab regarding their 12 eV Upgrade experiment and Dark Light.  John's work predicts 22 MeV.  You need to listen to what he said about this MIT project at the Jefferson Lab, his prediction and the significance of it if 22 MeV is achieved.  Check out the CEBAF project here:

Please post your comments/questions on The Space Show blog for this show. You can reach Dr. John Brandenburg through his website,  In addition, John should be sending me a copy of his recent AIAA talk from Sept. 2016.  I will post it on the blog when I receive it.




John has updates on GEM and a new science fiction book for us

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16 Feb 2017 Dr. John Brandenburg
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