Broadcast 1106 (Special Edition)

16 Feb 2009 Stephen E. Doyle
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Guest: Stephen E. Doyle, Atty. Topics: Space law, space property rights, space traffic management, liability, space debris, space tourism, and much more. Stephen Doyle was our guest for today's Space Show program to discuss various aspects of space law. As it turned out, this was a very comprehensive discussion on a variety of space law issues including space traffic management, space tourism, liability issues, space property rights, the Outer Space Treaty, international contributors to space law, and so very much more. I recommend this as a must hear program. The space property rights discussion and the discussion about space traffic management, especially in light of the recent satellite collision involving the U.S. Iridium satellite and the inactive Russian Kosmos 2251 satellite were second to none! But listeners will learn much about many topics as Mr. Doyle was an outstanding teacher for us. His knowledge and experience from his years in space law and policy work afford us special insights into the intricacies of the UN treaties, space law in general and in specific to the issues listeners asked about and which were talked about on the program. We will certainly invite Stephen Doyle back to The Space Show given there is so much we can all learn from him. If you want to send him a question or a comment, do so using Please copy me on your question or comment. You can find out more about Stephen Doyle by visiting his website at .



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