Broadcast 427 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

16 Dec 2005 Jim Benson
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Jim Benson, CEO of SpaceDev, returned to the Space Show for this special program and update. We began our discussion with Jim providing us with the details of the SpaceDev merger that is in process with Starsys. This is an exciting development for SpaceDev and the space community. Also, we learned about SpaceDev plans to apply for representation on American Stock Exchange, another milestone for the company and the developing space industry. We also discussed the RTM and NASA architecture and alternatives that SpaceDev has proposed. We discussed the SpaceDev Star Chaser vehicle, why it is so practical, how it will work and even its thermal protection system. Responding to listener questions, Mr. Benson talked about the developing space industry, space company management, employment tracks with his and other technology companies, and the differences both good and bad regarding a public versus private company. For those interested in space business, company management, planning, vision, getting the job done and doing it right, this is the show for you to listen to along with some note taking. Mr. Benson talked about many other subjects and topics so don't miss this show. You can send your comments or questions to Jim Benson in care of me at and I will forward them to him.



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