Broadcast 1410 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

16 Aug 2010 Dr. David Livingston
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Guest: Dr. David Livingston; Open Lines. Topics: SpaceX and Mars, Israel Brain Gain, heavy lift, congress, human spaceflight, U.S. economy. Tonight's program was a two hour fifteen minute wide ranging Open Lines program covering numerous topics and issues. During the first hour long segment, we covered my opening agenda of 13 items, most of which were discussed in some detail during this program. It seems the favorite was the Israeli Brain Gain program I mentioned based on an Aviation Week and Space Technology article. The justification for human spaceflight was discussed per the comments I read from the new Mary Roach book, "Packing For Mars." We had lots of callers about depots, rocket design, heavy lift, and more. We also talked about the senatorial candidate on the Democratic side for Washington state, Michael Goodsaceguy Nelson as he ran on an almost exclusive space development platform. You can find out more about his campaign at In the longer second segment, we took a long call from Sage in Atlanta about my comments regarding congress, funding long term space and other projects, my own Congressperson and her PR brochure I received, and what interests space cadets. Then our recent guest Thalia called to update us on the Washington election and the results for Mr. Nelson and some other issues. Dwayne called near the end of the program, mentioned the SpaceX Mars plans and had some interesting comments about it. He also talked about the earlier caller John being out of the box and my "kneejerk" reaction to what John was proposing. As you will hear, I did apologize for my harsh treatment to caller John from Atlanta and have since given him blogs and other sources where he can work to get validation of his rocket theories. John has been invited back with whatever he finds out about his plan. I welcome your comments, feedback, and questions regarding this Open Lines show. If you have such for me or for any of the listeners that sent in email, chat, or called the show, please send it to me at and I will see to it that the person you are addressing gets your message.



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