Broadcast 1207 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

16 Aug 2009 Dave Ketchledge
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Guest: Dave Ketchledge. Topics: "Rocket Science," nuclear power, space policy, space education. Dave Ketchledge was our guest to discuss his new book on CD, "Rocket Science." You can order this book and find out more about it by visiting his website, During Segment 1, Dave talked about the need for space engineering and rocket education, how his book fills this need, and what it means for future engineers in all disciplines, not just those related to space. He focused on the nuclear industry in his engineering examples. In Segment 2, we talked about more specifics, engine gimbling, guidance technology, subsonic flight as well as supersonic rocket flight characteristics. In Segment 3 which was extended by half an hour, we talked about the use of nuclear power for space and went into some detail about NERVA and VASIMIR, and radiation issues. Toward the end of this segment, we talked about space policy, writing to members of Congress, and the preliminary findings of the Augustine Panel. Caller Kelly was with us there was concern expressed for the future of the human spaceflight program in terms of national U.S. space policy. If you have questions or comments for Dave Ketchledge, please email him at



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