Broadcast 482 (Special Edition)

16 Apr 2006 Col. Mike Mullane
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Col. (RET) Mike Mullane was the guest for this special Easter Sunday Space Show program. Col. Mullane began the interview talking about his new book, "Riding Rockets: The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut." First among the many stories told us by retired astronaut Mullane and unique to the information the public learns about was the fear factor experienced by astronauts and their families regarding a ride to space on a rocket. Mike even compared these rocket rides to his combat experience in the back seat of an F4C Phantom during 134 combat missions! The ride produced more fear. Listeners, I urge you to listen to what Col. Mullane has to say about riding a rocket, safety issues, fear, what it does to family members, and why. It is likely that much of this will transfer into we in the private sector riding rockets for fun and pleasure. We need to be aware and prepared! Col. Mullane also talked about NASA politics, compared them to AF politics and guess what, NASA was worse. We talked about the VSE, its importance from his perspective. We also talked about the costs and complexities of going into space and he gave us his view that it is going to take longer and cost more than most of us think or would like to see transpire. He hopes he is wrong but he was giving us his best point of view on the subject. We also discussed some of the humor he experienced and he even shared with us some of the sexist stories that he has put in the book, stressing that up until his class, the AF and NASA had been a men's world. He explains his transformation to us to be more aware and cooperative with women in space. Its interesting to hear this part of our space history first hand. Col. Mullane talked about space bathroom issues, some quite graphically. I suspect tourists will need some training on the orbital missions per his comments. I also suspect that part of the suborbital uniform we wear for our rides to space will include Depends! We talked and laughed about so much more on this program, you must listen to it. Col. Mullane is a gifted writer and speaker, his book is a must buy and read and is available at any bookstore or Amazon, etc. I hope Col. Mullane will return to The Space Show to further discuss life in space and related topics. He also does specialized speaking and teamwork and leadership training. Find out more about Mike Mullane, his book, speaking engagements, and if you want to contact him with further comments or questions, do it all by visiting his website, Of course you can always send email to him by doing so through me at



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