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Gil Moore was the guest for this special Space Show program. Our interview with Mr. Moore began with his starting to work while at New Mexico State University with the greats like James Van Allen, Wernher von Braun, Homer Newell, and Fred Whipple. In pursuing these experiences with Gil, we got a glimpse of early space technology and tools. Later in the program we discussed modern day scientific and engineering tools in comparison to what was available even during the Apollo era. We discussed education and outreach with Gil then and now and the importance of this for our future. Space Grant was discussed, specific Space Grant projects were discussed and Gil certainly connected the dots for us as to why the public requires a perceived benefit from our space program and efforts. As part of our discussion on education and reaching people, especially school children, Gil talked with us about his Project Starshine program and the former NASA Get Away Special Program. Through these programs, Gil demonstrated the value of space education for the students and the teachers, and how these programs did provide the benefits demanded and expected by the pubic. We also talked about cube sats and what they can do. Gil told us about the potential for earthquake sensing using cube sat arrays. He also talked about sparse arrays and their increasing value to our space program and development. Toward the end of the program, Gil talked about SSP as the possible "killer app." for the public's interest in space. Realizing that we are not yet ready to develop SSP, its for the future and he explained it quite well. This is yet another important Space Show program and another that demonstrates the value and the wisdom of tapping into our older or retired space pros. Should you have comments or questions for Gil Moore, please send them to him in care of me at



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15 Sep 2006 Gil Moore
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