Broadcast 3206 Dr. Ryan Kobrick

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Guest:  Dr. Ryan Kobrick;  Topics:  Artists to the Moon with Yusaku Maezawa and SpaceX, inspiration, motivation, #dearMoon.

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We welcomed Dr. Ryan Kobrick to the show for a one segment 65 minute discussion about the new dearMoon project (see  This project is about taking artists to the Moon on the SpaceX BFR lunar flight with Yusaku Maezawa, the Japanese billionaire who bought out the entire BFR spacecraft to fly around the Moon in a few years.  Check out the project on the website above as it details most of what is known about the program. 

Our guest, Dr. Kobrick, talked about Mr. Maezawa and his Asian business plus his goal to have an inspirational experience on a global basis which is the origin of the artists to the Moon project on the BFR lunar loop with Maezawa himself.  Some of the issues we discussed included the artist selection process, what constitutes an artists including questions about sport athletes, plus how we will see their artistic work.  Risk taking was a subject as was the planned timeline for a launch in 2023 thought that might slip.  In talking about timelines, Ryan went over the Falcon rocket history along with the history of starting up SpaceX.

Listener John sent in a question asking about the copyright re the art stemming from this trip. Who might own it, will it be shared by Maezawa, Musk, and the artist or will some other copyright process and set of rules be established.  Ryan did not know the answers to the copyright questions so both of us speculated.  We expect such details to be made public as the project continues to be developed.

Other topics came up including planned celebrations for the 50th anniversary of our going to the Moon which will be next year.  Ryan had just returned from the IAC held in Germany this year and talked about it being in Washington, DC for next year.  Ryan mentioned career paths for astronauts and the space field.   Following the IAC discussion, Randy sent in a note asking about athletes being considered as an artist in their field, naming a few athletes that might be "artists."  Ryan did not think an athlete would be considered an artists.  What do you think?  Let us know by posting on the blog.    Before the end of our program, I asked Ryan if his students were inspired by the dearMoon project.  He said they were but listen to what he said.  I also asked him about the spacesuit lab at his school re the ERAU Spacesuit Utilization of Innovative Technology Laboratory project (S. U. I. T..Lab)

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15 Oct 2018 Dr. Ryan Kobrick
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