Broadcast 686 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

15 Mar 2007 Philippe Van Nedervelde
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Philippe Van Nedervelde was our guest today to discuss the Lifeboat Foundation with Space Show listeners. As you listen to this program, you might want to access the Lifeboat Foundation website at Philippe began the discussion with an introduction to the Lifeboat Foundation, what it is, its mission, how it views and wants to use space, and how it is planning for the future that is likely going to unfold in real time in the coming years, even if we don't want what he is talking about. During the discussion, Philippe went into some detail and fielded many listener questions regarding the three stage defense program within the Lifeboat Security Preserver. I suggest you follow this part of the interview by noting We covered many issues sure to be controversial and more than thought provoking. I cannot do justice to the importance of this discussion in this short paragraph so listen to the program. You may want to listen to it more than once to grasp what may be our future and how we can be empowered to control much of what may unfold rather than just being a victim or recipient of what unfolds. But I recognize the controversial nature of this discussion but overall, its important for this discussion to be ongoing. In his discussion of the Lifeboat Foundation Security Preserver program, Philippe addressed many privacy, security, and legal issues arising from listener questions and concerns. We also discussed other Lifeboat Foundation programs and goals and the support needed for the Lifeboat Foundation. Understanding how the Foundation sees and wants to use space is also important and knowing that the people involved in these programs are space supporters from their childhood is reassuring on the space level. Our guest is also an authority on the topic of nanotechnology so the last segment of this show addresses nanotechnology for manufacturing, human longevity, grey goo, the space elevator, and much more. Here we learned of certain risks with this technology and with grey goo and the six layered emergency defense system to deal with problems arising from the misuse of nanotechnology and/or grey goo (or self replicating out of control nano robots that can at least in theory consume all living matter while at the same building more of themselves). You will certainly want to hear about this important defense program that Philippe brings to our attention. This is a two hour information packed program that you will not want to miss. If you would like to send comments, questions or find out more about the Lifeboat Foundation, you can email Philippe Van Nedervelde at As always, you can send your email to me at and I will promptly forward your comments. Keywords: lifeboat, security, preserver, terrorism, terrorist, privacy, nanotechnology, grey goo, defense, existential.



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