Broadcast 317 (Special Edition)

15 Mar 2005 Theron Lutz
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Theron Lutz was the guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Lutz began the interview by talking about some of his experiences in the Navy while observing radar and its impact on seagulls. From these observations, he considered the effect of these beams on propulsion and the discussion then pointed to the devices and technologies referenced below. Mr. Lutz was able to give us good definitions and explanations of these devices and potential energy sources. We then discussed the application for these energy sources and for propulsion systems without propellant for space access, exploration, and development. Mr. Lutz was asked several questions about why these technologies do not make it into mainstream research labs and then commercial uses even when NASA and other public agencies do well-known research into the technologies. You will want to hear the theories Mr. Lutz proposed about this subject. We also discussed the relevance of making an investment in an entrepreneurial or start-up space company using existing or "old" technology such as rockets versus investing in businesses that attempted to exploit the new, revolutionary technology being discussed on the show. Mr. Lutz provided us with some explanations and I also asked questions about rocking the status quo and streams of existing company revenue to bring on something new and different when the old still has a useful economic life. We ended the show with a discussion of the pros and cons of a free market economy and the private sector in situations such as those discussed on this program. For more information, visit his website at You will find contact information for Mr. Lutz on this website.



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