Broadcast 1174 (Special Edition)

15 Jun 2009 Dr. Richard Kirby
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Guest: Dr. Richard Kirby. Topics: space education, space comedy, UNICEF, space history, science fiction. Dr. Richard Kirby returned to the Space Show to discuss New Horizons In Space Science Education. In the process of discussing this topic, we covered many subjects and issues ranging from starting at a very early age, even birth, and making sure people know that they are citizens of the cosmos and without limitation on their imagination and abilities to adult education focusing on math, science, history, and more. Dr. Kirby even suggested giving every newborn a telescope or a certificate of citizenship of the cosmos. You will hear several listener questions about this idea so see what you think about it. Richard spoke about science fiction and real science as pointed out by listeners. He also spoke about the role of UNICEF in education and specifically space education regarding children. The role of free education was discussed and some listeners asked questions about limitations and the economics of paying for education. You will certainly want to hear this discussion. We also talked about math literacy and the Hippocratic Oath for Teachers which can be found at This was a diverse program covering a wide swatch of how to achieve global space education and more. I am sure you will have many questions and comments so please send them to me at and I will forward them to Dr. Kirby. For more information about the Kepler Space University, please visit



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