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Welcome to our 2 hour 24 minute Open Lines Show.  We started the first segment with a special call from Dr. Bill Rowe who briefly discussed his Neil Armstrong Syndrome, the calcium-magnesium ration which he said was unknown in space, cardiovascular issues in space and the high cost of getting research data from NASA.  He took a listener call from Marcio in London who had several questions pertaining to what Dr. Rowe talked about, including artificial gravity and on orbit centrifuges.

After Bill's call, I suggesteddiscussion topics including the Wall Street Journal articles on SpaceX finances, the movie Hidden Figures, the successful Falcon 9 return to flight and first stage recovery, plus a UK Mirror story on strange lights being photographed by astronauts on the ISS.  Regarding the movie Hidden Figures, Dr. Roger Launius has a superb review of it you might want to read.  Check it out at

In the second segment, our first call was from Marshall who supported Bill's comments about our not being prepared for long duration human spaceflight right now.  He also told us about a conversation he had on this very subject with his son.

Next, John from Fremont called to discuss the Wall Street Journal articles, especially the comment about reusability so far coming in at about a 10% cost reduction.  That seemed to be a popular topic picked up by several listeners later in the segment.  There was no shortage of comments regarding the 10% margin per the Wall St. Journal article (I read the relevant paragraph on air), especially through email with Jerry in Florida and comments from two different John's and also Dr. Doug.

John from Ft. Worth called to talk about reusability economics, the ISS strange lights and more.  His call was followed by one from Dr. Doug who wanted to talk about his ideas as to what SpaceX may or may not be doing for Mars, manufacturing, paying for the Mars trip, etc.  He also told us about his new website regarding the most efficient transportation architecture for the Moon and Mars.  Check out  More will follow on this site.  Let us know what you think about Doug's efficient transportation ideas and his other comments by posting on TSS blog. 

Our final caller was Marcio calling back from London, this time to talk about his project, The Engine of Levitation.  Check out his website for more information:  Marcio was unable to tell us much about his project due to his patent process which is underway.  That said, he did state that his new technology would violate Newtonian physics which he said was necessary for advanced propulsion.  In his discussion, he cited the EmDrive as an example.  Feel free to contact Marcio through his website or post comments about his project on TSS blog.  As I understood him, he does not yet have proof of concept but is working that. 

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15 Jan 2017 Dr. David Livingston
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