Broadcast 444 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

15 Jan 2006 Bob Ward
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Bob Ward, author of "Dr. Space: The Life of Wernher von Braun," was the guest for this Sunday Space Show program. This two hour program provides the listener with a comprehensive discussion about Von Braun, from his childhood interests, his Nazi work for the Germans in World War II, his coming to the United States with Operation Paperclip, and his work with the U.S. government for rockets, our space program, NASA, our going to the Moon, developing space camp and more. Mr. Ward, aided by listener questions, delves deeply into the Von Braun German and Nazi record and his work in the states, his contributions to our space program, even how his being with American scientists was treated by the British and fellow Americans both in and out of government and NASA. This program is historical, hard hitting, and comprehensive. Whatever your thoughts are regarding Von Braun, do not miss this show! I urge you to get his book and read it and its widely available on most internet book sites as well as your local book store and the Naval Institute Press website, Mr. Ward can be reached by e-mail by sending your comments or questions to me at and I will make sure he receives them.



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