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15 Feb 2016 Dick Rocket
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We welcomed Richard Rocket back to the program for updates with NewSpace Global LLC, commercial space, private space investment, the smallsat industry and much more.  Our program was 70 minutes in one segment.  However, note that our sponsor messages were presented on air immediately before the program started as we wanted to maximize our limited talk time with our guest.  Please listen to our sponsor messages for without them, there would be no Space Show program.

Richard began our briefing with an update and description of NewSpace Global which he described as a subscription based intelligence provider for threshold commercial space companies.  NewSpace Global does financial, market, management, capitalization, & technology analysis for both publicly traded and emerging and startup commercial space companies. 

Regarding the smallsat industry, Richard and I spent a good portion of our hour discussion on this industry as it has shown amazing growth with opportunities in a very short period of time.  Richard pegged the turning point when Skybox was bought by Google for $500 million a few years ago.  Other factors are now contributing to the stellar rise of this industry including small sat and cubesat launch opportunities, mostly as secondary payloads, on more and more launches.  Richard was asked about customers and revenues for this industry and he said the businesses were still relying on government as the main if not only customer with related revenue stream weaknesses.  He talked about a future breakout which the industry needed to be viable as a true commercial industry.

Listener Joe got in a question about the present day decline in the stock market and possible recession or more economic woes and the impact on the developing commercial space industry.  Richard offered very interesting observations and perspectives regarding the economy that you need to hear.  Part of his response focused on the long term which the commercial space industry relies on so some of the economic woes will not severely impact the space industry. 

John in Freemont called to ask about the existence of a mutual fund for small investors wanting to invest in th emerging commercial space industry or even the more established part of the industry.  Richard said no such fund existed and most of the companies, especially on the emerging side of the industry were all private.  He went on to talk about their public index of companies which they follow, plus he talked about the Earth Observation Satellite industry and how it has been impacting Earth.  Venture capital investors and investment were also discussed. 

Richard did spend time talking about publicly traded companies doing commercial space business.  Most of these are large organizations such as Boeing, Lockheed, Orbital ATK and such.  But he also mentioned companies starting to focus on space related activities such as Loews and Coca Cola among others.  He spent some time explaining the connection of these new space interested companies to space and why he has them on the NewSpace Global list.  We also talked about companies using space to sell and advertise their products.

The last question of the day came from Hari concerning "the potential impact of ViaSat’s announcement regarding their ViaSat 3 global coverage using traditional large GEOsats on proposed small sat constellations by OneWeb, SpaceX etc."  Richard took the remaining minutes of the program to respond to this question, to talk about Intelsat investing in OneWeb, the role of Google, Facebook and other companies in this new part of the commercial space market and how to start capitalizing on this activity and interest.  Don't miss this discussion as it was most interesting.  As we were ending, Richard, in summary, reminded us that the new commercial space industry was based on a long term time scale and to look for commercial space to grow at health clips over the long haul.

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