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Guest:  Jeffrey Morris (FutureDude);  Topics: Film projects underway by Mr. Morris including two space science fiction movies and a TV Show, plus an underwater adventure project.


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We welcomed Jeffrey Morris to the program for a one segment 88 minute discussion regarding his film and TV projects, Persephone, Saturn 5, and his underwater adventure film project, Neptune One.  During our one segment 88 minute discussion, Jeffrey talked about each project in detail, science fiction, filmmaking, the importance of knowing business not just filmmaking, and much more.  Please refer to his website for detailed information about each film project.  I suggest referring to the website as you listen to this program.

Mr. Morris started out by telling us how he got into the film business and the origins of the name FutureDude.  He told both an interesting and compelling story so don't miss it.  Our guest then led us into a detailed discussion of his soon to be completed and theatrically released sci-fi film, Persephone (  The story is about a ship going to Proxima B about 150 years in the future.  It takes around 50 years to go from Earth to Proxima B using a special fusion propulsion system.  Most of the crew sleeps for the mission but some crew members are awake, they have children onboard and the children eventually take over running the ship and set foot on Proxima B one the passengers have awakened.  Jeffrey provided us with enough of the storyline both on air and on his website to clearly peak our interest in wanting to see this film.  Listeners sent in questions about the film, the cast, timelines, sets, and much more.  Read about the film on the website, listen to our guest and let us know your thoughts on the film by posting on our blog.

Following our discussion of Persephone, Jeff talked about his project with National Geographic and Disney, a TV series for your people to be called Saturn 5.  You can read the details of this project at  Our guest talked about the storyline, why it was being marketed to young people and why it was important to boost interest in STEM education.  We talked distribution which he said would probably be with Disney Plus and maybe the National Geographic streaming website>  In addition, since he said this was a type of mystery project, he talked about the problem to be solved and some about the solution.  The website description is detailed but as you will hear and read, the cast has not yet been set for this production. 

Ft. Worth John called to talk about the technology used in the Persephone hibernation flight to Proxima B.  He got the timeline of the story, the flight and the arrival at Proxima B locked down.  He also talked with Jeff about the fusion drive propulsion system.  I asked Jeff about the use of AI and robotics for the crew which is when John and I learned that some crew members would be awake during the flight as mentioned earlier in this summary.  We also learned that about 20,000 passengers would be on the flight to Proxima B.  I asked Jeff if he had seen the big screen movie from a few years ago Passengers .  If so, I wondered how kept Passengers stuff out of his own film.  Don't miss his answer to this question.  Tell us what you think by again, posting on our blog. 

We returned to talking about Persephone after talking Saturn 5.  Sharon wanted to know if pets were onboard the sleeper ship since they were leaving Earth and going to a new home at Proxima B.  Jeff had much to say about pets in his film and in future films.  Don't miss his comments.  Jeff had more to say about the sets, the fact that not much was told about the Earth history of those going to Proxima B and why he chose to do the film that way. 

Later we talked about the Neptune One project.  I asked Jeff to tell us about this underwater adventure film project (see   Neptune One takes place in 2055 and is a classic underwater adventure film project.  Jeff said this was his passion project which he then explained to us.  After he discussed this project, I asked our guest how he managed three separate film projects at once.  Again, don't miss his reply to my question.

Listener Brad in Phoenix asked Jeff how he developed his network and got to this point in his career, referencing the fact that his child had done film school but was not progressing as Jeff had done.  The listener wanted to know what could be done to avoid waiting tables while waiting for the big opportunity.  Jeff had lots to say in response to this question.  One thing he said was that the focus had to be on knowing business and being a business professional.  His comments were very important so don't miss them. 

Listener Tim in San Diego asked why sci-fi did not seem to get equal treatment to other writing genres for writing classes, workshops and such.  Jeff then  talked about a sci-fi stigma and cited several examples, including one from Star Trek Next Generation.  I also cited a few examples from my experience in this area. 

Before the program ended, Adrian, also in San Diego, asked about turning the Larry Niven novel Ringworld into a movie.  Jeff had lots and lots to say about this because like Adrian, he really liked Ringworld and Niven's other works.  He also talked about Arthur C. Clarke works.  As for Ringworld, he thought the rights had been bought but the scale of making it into a movie was huge and would be a very challenging project.  Don't miss all his comments regarding his reply to Adrian.

As we closed the program, Jeff offered us closing comments you will want to hear.  Be sure to post your questions and comments on our blog for this show.  You can reach Jeffrey Morris through me or his website above.




Jeffrey's new sci-fi films Saturn 5 and Persephone. See

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15 Dec 2019 Jeffrey Morris
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