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We welcomed back John Power of JP Aerospace for news and update information.  During the first segment of our 95 minute program, John summarized recent events for the company since he was last on the show.  By the way, you can see these projects and much of what we talked about at the JP Aerospace website,  One such project they did were their flights from the U.A.E to about 104,000 feet.  John told us about the UAE gig, the flights, the experience, and the view from above the UAE.  Bob then said he had conducted two airship flights with a third one coming.  Then he told us they bought land in Nevada for a new launch site.  He described the new Nevada site, their offices in Rancho Cordova, then he talked about a very cool margarita ad they did near Tucson which ran on social media.  John also mentioned a slot machine ad that they did for a Southern California casino.

John talked about doing more and more commercial projects including flying MiniCubes and cubesats as well as the continuation of their very successful PongSat program.   Sally sent in a note asking if he could fly humans, even if it was like a hot air balloon ride.  He said no but listen to all of what he said about his human flight plans.  In addition, he mentioned that their balloons are not designed for low altitude operations.  Don't miss these comments. 

John mentioned their hypersonic wind tunnel which he said was capable of Mach 4 though so far they had only achieved Mach 3.8.  He talked more about the JP work on hypersonics near the end of the program. 

Space ads were a big topic as several can be seen on the JP website.  If a space ad interests you, check it out.  John provided some of the logistic and pricing information for the space ads, we talked about doing voice from space along with the ad and more.  Contact John through his website for more information if advertising from high altitude interests you.

Several listeners asked John about his airship to orbit plans and progress.  We talked about this subject in both segments.  As you will hear, John says he is making progress in this area.  That said, he has much more to say about this project later in the show than in the first segment.

In the second segment, I asked John if he did national security type flights.  He said not as many as he used to as he has been doing more and more commercial flights.  He did mention a state of California sounding rocket program he was doing to show a high commercial flight rate for Vandenberg AFB so the base would not be closed.  This is an interesting story that you will want to hear so don't miss it. 

Tim from Huntsville sent in a series of emails and then he called the show regarding the plasma engine John talked about.  I read Tim's email on air, John replied to it and then Tim called to further discuss the engine, fuel, and other relevant issues. For the most part, Tim wanted to know how John would get both the fuel and energy needed for his vehicle to go to orbit.  At one point later in the segment, John suggested changing the name of the project to extreme altitude air launch for less challenges.  Listener John Vester sent in a note wanting more information about the Ascender vehicle and its altitude.  B John wanted to know about using orbiting balloons above cities for communications.  John had much to say about this, including his work in this area so don't miss his reply to B John. 

Wayne changed the direction of the conversation when he asked John to compare his costs from 2000 to today.  He was interested in knowing how prices have increased over the last 17 years.  John's reply was very interesting so I urge you to listen to it.  Fuel has gone up but listen to what he said about electronics, computer equipment and related items. 

John told us that he was doing more and more with Artificial Intelligence (AI).  He said one had to be onboard with AI now or be out of the loop.  Again, don't miss his AI comments.  I asked John for some of his favorite PongSat experiments which he then shared with us. Scott from Sunnyvale was the last caller.  He wanted to know the revenue breakdown for JP Aerospace.  We concluded the discussion with John again talking about their hypersonic research.  Don't miss what he had to say and how he plans to scale the project up in size.

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14 Mar 2017 John Powell
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