Broadcast 1173 (Special Edition)

14 Jun 2009 Thomas A. Olson
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Guest: Tom Olson. Topics: ISDC 2009, Space Investment Summit 6 (SIS 6), Space Solar Power, problem solving, NewSpace economics. Tom Olson was the guest today to summarize both the ISDC 2009 Conference and the SIS 6. We started our discussion by focusing on the last day of ISDC with the space solar panel discussions. Despite some poking fun and jabbing at what we called the Church of Space Solar Power, Tom summarized the sessions on both Saturday and Sunday with a focus on the need to close the business case for SSP. Not only did we talk about SSP, but we talked about terrestrial alternative energy, the bad state of affairs for our power grid, and the lack of a business case for SSP. In the context of this discussion, we went over terrestrial alternatives and future uses and how they probably detract even further from the SSP business case. Tom said nobody closed the business case for SSP at ISDC. We then went to the SIS 6 and here Tom was quite impressed with the programming which focused on space simulation, hospitality, and more. Listen to this segment and see what you think. The next SIS is in Boston in September and returns to the traditional business plan and investment format. Tom went over many other ISDC sessions and some of the keynote speakers and you will want to hear his comments. At one point during the show, Tom mentioned an ISDC program about relearning how to engineer our return to the Moon by back engineering parts from the Saturn V and other lunar space vehicles. He said this was also a Wired video. The URL to the program in question is This is a great program, I've seen it so make sure you watch it as well. Listen to what Tom said were his favorites at ISDC and what impressed him the most. If you have questions or comments, you can email Tom through me at



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