Broadcast 509 (Special Edition)

14 Jun 2006 Piers Bizony
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Piers Bizony was the special guest for this Space Show program. Mr. Bizony, joining us from the UK, is author of the new book, "The Man Who Ran The Moon: James E. Webb, NASA, And The Secret History Of Project Apollo." We entertained an in-depth discussion about Mr. Webb, the early days of NASA, his leadership, NASA after James Webb, and the Apollo program. We also discussed NASA leadership today, the similarities with the original Apollo program, a return to a sort of Apollo program for our return to the Moon, the Viet Nam war and the Iraqi war. Piers took us through the major personalities shaping NASA, our public space program, political policy and more. We spoke about Von Braun, the various presidents and their role and relationship with NASA, and much more. Toward the end of the program at the request of a listener, Mr. Bizony rated NASA administrators to see who made the top five or six for all time successful NASA administrators. You can buy this book at the usual online stores but also your local bookstore. Having read it, I strongly recommend it. You can send your questions or comments to Piers at



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