Broadcast 195 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

14 Feb 2004 Steven Wolfe
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Steven Wolfe returned to The Space Show to discuss aspects of President Bush's newly proposed space policy to return to the Moon and take humans to Mars. Not only did Steven Wolfe evaluate and discuss this policy from various points of view, he also discussed space advocacy, its plusses and shortfalls, especially when considering the type of space policy program now on the discussion table. Steven and I also suggested ways for space advocacy to be more inclusive, thus to advocate to and with the general public. Mr. Wolfe goes into great detail to explain to Space Show listeners the importance of having human space settlements and how having such a vision as the goal totally transforms the space debate for everyone, government, advocates, and the general public. During the last segment of the program, Steve was asked to explain the benefits for human space settlement for Mr. and Mrs.. Jose Sixpack. Both Steve and I did so, with the great help from Space Show listeners, their comments, and their suggestions.



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