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Guest:  Gene Meyers;  Topics:  Space Solar Power Sats, Gene's unique advocacy for SSP, top policy makers and politicians through his White Paper, infrastructure and more.  Gene concluded by talking about The Space Show and the history of commercial space.

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We welcomed Gene Meyers back to the program to discuss in detail space solar power (SSP) along with his unique advocacy to help make SSP a reality.  Gene was last a guest on TSS when he was promoting Space Islands group, using the Shuttle external tanks for space tourism and maybe SSP purposes plus he was an early promotor of SSP.  His last appearance was June 22, 2008.  That said, we frequently hear from Gene as he listens to many programs and either calls to talk to a guest or  provide an opinion on an OL show, or he sends in an email. As Gene and I mentioned during the first part of the show today describing our backgrounds, we were both early Art Bell Show guests though Gene was a guest with Space Islands and what was back then novel ideas compared to today far more frequently than I was.  As for Art, I really miss his hosting style and the original Coast to Coast show but that is a story for another program.

After our early discussion, I asked Gene why he was so consumed or devoted to making solar sats a reality and establishing space solar power.  Gene provided us with some SSP history going back to the 1970s, 80's, even the 90's.  Make sure you listen to all of it as Gene moves into the modern SSP discussion very smoothly based on the history you will hear.  A few times during this part of the discussion, I asked him what keeps him going on this topic.  Listen to how he replied but he has a strong positive belief in the future of the space economy, especially cislunar Earth to Moon.  He believes in the benefits and for SSP, he absolutely says those benefits that we all hear and talk about on this show and in other formats are available now and can be affordable.  He also said that affordable to him means SSP has to compete for its place in energy without being subsidized and without government doing things to drive up the price of conventional power and fuels, i.e. oil or nuclear.  When asked about nuclear and it competing with SSP, he said it did not have to be all or nothing.  There should be a place in our energy quiver for nuclear, terrestrial solar, SSP, and other energy sources.  Again, it does not have to be nor should it be one or the other.   

We got around to talking about why Gene targets his advocacy to top level policy wonks, politicians, including the cabinet, congress, even the VP.  Furthermore, he knows who to reach out to in various political organizations or organizations that exercise political influence.  In this discussion he mentioned large unions such as the AFLCIO and the Machinist Union.  Listen to his explanation for his targeting his advocacy efforts to this class of influencers over say other space advocates, space conference attendees, and such.   You might have your own opinions on his advocacy so post them on our blog for this show.

I also found it interesting to hear about his methodology for advocacy including his writing a White Paper that he is using to educate the people he talks to about solar sats.  He told us the history behind the White Paper, where it has been published and who is reviewing it.  Impressive.  Unfortunately, he was not ready to make it public so we don't have a copy of it to review.  Notice that Gene mentioned the Green New Deal a few times.  Also notice how he linked in solar sats with objectives put forth in the Green New Deal and how he intended to argue for the solar sats based on the goals of the Green New Deal as he believes that the Green New Deal Market might go for SSP and solar sats.

Near the end of the program he was asked about solar sats and light pollution.  Gene did not think it would be a big problem though he said he would be studied.  Listen to his explanation as to why it would not be a problem the way Starlink is a problem in LEO.  His response had to with being in a high GEO orbit 22,500 miles up, the side facing Earth being a transmission side and would not be reflective, plus he had a few other reasons for not being too concerned about light pollution problems.  Your thought on this issue are welcome so put them on our blog.

As we moved through the topics referenced by our tags and key words which you should review, Gene mentioned The Space Show but talked about it having a place in history.  He made the point that people calling the show and sending in emails would be part of that history decades if not later when historians listen as Space Show programs will tell a story of commercial space development and more.  He talked about the callers also being included in that history and those sending in emails as well but he really focused in on callers.  While he called for supporting TSS during our current annual campaign, he commentary was interesting and one I was aware of but Gene put it in a different perspective and I thanked him for that.

Please post your comments/questions for The Space Show with Gene Meyers on our blog for this program.  You can reach Gene through me here at The Space Show.




Gene's SSP advocacy and work methodology

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14 Dec 2021 Gene Meyers
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