Broadcast 425 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

14 Dec 2005 Dr. Barbara Marx Hubbard
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Barbara Marx Hubbard was the guest on The Space Show for this special program. We discussed space development and becoming space-faring in the context of conscious evolution as an emerging state of development for the betterment of humanity. This is an extremely important discussion because Dr. Hubbard proposed a superb action plan, the "Movement For A Positive Future," and all those interested are encouraged to email me at to add their support to the project. This idea had its roots in a meeting at Barbara's home in Santa Barbara at the close of the Space Frontier Foundation's annual meeting this past October. In attendance at this meeting were the leaders of the National Space Society, the Mars Society, the Space Frontier Foundation, myself, and others. The discussion with Barbara focused on the importance of space development, her vast experience over the years promoting space and the reactions she has received from various elements of society, and of course why space is so important. In response to one question from a listener, she said that it would be extremely difficult to see humanity moving forward in any great way without space development. Listen to this show and if you want to be part of the Movement For A Positive Future, send an email with your name and contact information to me at I consider this an absolutely must listen to program for Space Show listeners. I also am taking the bold step of asking you to burn it to CD and share it with your friends, co-workers, anybody and everybody that you can think of as it is a very important program. "Correction footnote to the Barbara Marx Hubbard interview: During the discussion with Dr. Hubbard, the story of the Harvest Moon project was discussed. As it turns out, this project was masterminded by my friend Richard C. Hoagland for the group that Dr. Hubbard discusses and I wanted the record to be correct on this point. Richard also went around the country selling people on the idea. and it was a very successful idea and potential project. Unfortunately, the project was ultimately killed by NASA. Listen to the interview for details."



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