Broadcast 927 (Special Edition)

14 Apr 2008 Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz
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Guest: Professor Joanne Gabrynowicz returned for this show for updates regarding remote sensing, space law in general, and the informed consent legal requirements for spaceflight participants. Discussions of these issues, by her and others, can be found on the blog "Res Communis", please see for more information. As we started our program with Professor Gabrynowicz, she mentioned a recent ABA Journal article which all of us should read, "Making Space Matter." You can find it at the URL: Later in the discussion about informed consent, she urged us to read the much more comprehensive article on the subject by Tracey Knutson, who appeared on The Space Show on March 7, 2008. Her article can be found in Vol 1 of the Journal of Space Law for 2007, starting on page 105. Other questions from listeners dealt with space law academic programs, careers, and even how Professor Gabrynowicz became interested in space law. International and domestic space law was discussed in the context of the United States, the UN, and even the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as Joanne had recently returned from Dubai. This is a very interesting discussion that you will want to hear. We also fielded several questions about remote sensing and the resolution permitted by license for commercial users versus spy satellite. Professor Gabrynowicz left the show early, so we had Open Lines for fifteen minutes. Our first question during Open Lines asked me about my opinion on something Joanne said about spaceflight participants possibly having liability alongside the spaceflight operator and vehicle manufacturer in the case of an accident, injury, death, or third party property damage. Next, I responded to a listener question about Yuri's Night at NASA Ames and gave a bit of a sneak preview for tomorrow's show. I also spoke about the upcoming 1000th Space Show program later this year and I invite listener suggestions on how to make this a very memorable broadcast. You can learn more about the National Center For Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law by visiting You can send your comments or questions to Professor Gabrynowicz at or through her website located at :



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