Broadcast 385 (Special Edition)

13 Sep 2005 Dr. Tom Van Flandern
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Dr. Thomas Van Flandern was the guest for this Space Show program. We began the interview by discussing gravity and how Dr. Van Flandern understands gravity as compared to tradition physics and science. We also looked at how gravity can be manipulated to serve the interests of obtaining lower space access and transportation costs. Dr. Van Flandern brought us up to date on gravity modification efforts, how gravity modification might take place and how far along with it we are right now. In the course of talking to Dr. Van Flandern about gravity, we also discussed science, the scientific method, impartial judges and referees, and more. Its an interesting discussion that you will not want to miss. We then turned our attention toward the recent Deep Impact Mission and what it means for comments and space science. We also talked about space science in the context of returning to the Moon, visiting Mars, and carrying out space commercialization. Dr. Van Flandern also brought us current with the latest thinking on the Big Bang Theory as well as the Exploded Planet Hypothesis. We explored his website, and I suggest listeners visit the site, download and read his peer reviewed papers and more. Listeners can contact Dr. Van Flandern through his website or by sending your notes and comments to me at



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