Broadcast 1035 (Special Edition)

13 Oct 2008 Robert Zimmerman
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Guest: Robert Zimmerman was the guest for today's Space Show program. We started our discussion with updates on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and the shuttle repair mission to the HST. From there, Bob told us about the waiver obtained for allowing NASA to continue using the Soyuz to access the ISS and the letter written by Dr. Griffin to Barack Obama thanking him for his help in obtaining the waiver. Bob speculated that Griffin might be showing Senator Obama that he wants to remain NASA Administrator, even in a possible Obama administration. Thus, we spoke about the Administrator position, Dr. Griffin, and even another potential for the position, Lori Garver. Bob presented us with some interesting ideas on this subject that you will certainly want to hear. We also talked about space tourism, the second generation American tourist Richard Garriott and his efforts to sell his research to cover the cost of his trip to the ISS. Bob mentioned the cosmonaut on the trip who was also second generation given this cosmonaut's father is still active in the Russian space program. We had several phone calls from listeners and listener emails about the ISS, even breaking the ISS a part and letting the Russian part go its way and the American sections go a separate way. Bob explained why the ISS could not be separated, especially from the American perspective. He used this opportunity to talk about the need to learn from the ISS about long- term space flight and the human medical issues needed to be resolved to go to Mars and other solar system destinations. Later in the program, we talked about the success of the Falcon 1, Space X and Elon Musk. The economic issues also came up and Bob opined on the effects on civil/NASA space and the private sector. I referenced the Open Lines show from yesterday to several email listeners. To find out more about Robert Zimmerman, check out his website at . You can email him through me at or you can search for his email address on his website and then contact him directly.



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