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Guests:  Kim Holder, John Jossy, Rick Kwan;  Topics:  Space Access Society Conference 2019, speaker and topic highlights, technologies, key people in attendance, Blue Moon, Bezos space vision and more.

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We welcomed back to the show Kim Holder and John Jossy and for the first time as a guest, Rick Kwan.  Our goal was to summarize the recent Space Access Society held last month in Fremont, CA.  the best way to summarize what each guest thought and liked about Space Access this year, is for you to follow along with the online Space Access Conference Agenda;  Note that we started our discussion with the fist day, Thursday and went in order through the last day which was Saturday.  Kim also mentioned the quasi-conference Sunday morning breakfast which many people attended.

Rather than detailing what each of our guests had to say, open up the Space Access agenda website and then follow what we had to say about the guests programs each of us liked most.

We started the program with guest introductions, then Kim explained the reasoning for our special program and our different and varying perspectives about what we heard, saw and did during the conference days.  We started with Thursday, April 18 by asking Kim to share with us her event highlights for the day.  Again, follow with the program as this will enable you to see the tag lines used for each speaker, correct company names and most of the time a link to their website for further information.  After Kim spent several minutes going through her preferred talks and presentations, the ones she liked the most, John Jossy followed and then Rick Kwan talked about the first day from his perspective.  One special event we all talked about was Kim's presentation of Moonwards late at night the first day to about a 2/3 full room at 10 PM.  Kim and Moonwards were a big hit at the event but listen to Kim and the others describe this presentation and the networking afterwards.  I point this out because Space Access is an engineer's conference, a technical meeting with extremely bright people talking and in the audience asking questions.  In fact, you will hear both Kim and me state several times that many of the talks were way over our heads.  Less so for John and Rick.  In addition, our guests gave shout outs to several speakers and attendees along with some of the technologies that made it to the bright spotlight.  As I said, listen and follow along regarding what each guest had to say.

For the second segment of our program, the first day format was repeated but with guest Rick leading off on Friday with his summary and highlights followed by John and then Kim.  Note the discussion about cislunar development and some of the key presenters that each of our guest focused on.  Also pay attention to the topics and subtopics brought up by each of our guests regarding the Friday presentations.  Rick added in a few things not from the conference such as SpaceX and the development of PICA.  Rick also mentioned the Max Hunter book suggested in the comments by Henry Spencer at the start of the Friday talk.  Also mentioned by all our guests was the unexpected Jerry Pournelle tribute in the evening panel presentation.  Those of us who knew Jerry or were familiar with his work learned a great deal more about him, especially his early military career.  John and Kim had different choices than Rick so do pay attention to what each had to say and why each selected the specific speaker and presentation they talked about on air. 

For Saturday, John started the summary by talking about networking, talking with Rand Simberg about Evoloterra and meeting with Joe Carroll regarding artificial gravity.  He said Joe turned him on to a great website, /  John also talked about the Space Studies Institute presentation and their upcoming September conference in Seattle.   Rick talked about an O'Neill video, "Blue Moon" and mentioned the Bezos press conference from a few days ago and the clip Jeff played with ISAC Asimov talking with Jerry O'Neill .  Those of us that had seen the press conference commented on this clip.  A documentary was mentioned by speaker Gary Hudson regarding Jerry O'Neill.  If you are interested, don't miss the name but also feel free to post a note for Rick on the blog and he will respond.  Since we were talking about the Bezos press conference, a subject that came up a few times during our two our program, I brought up educational outreach program Jeff mentioned for K-12.  I asked why start with K-12.  I offered my idea based on my bias and nothing more.  Our guests offered other ideas as well.

Kim summarized Friday by talking about the anti-matter propulsion per the presentation by Dr. Ryan Weeks.  We talked about this presentation, Dr. Weeks and this type of propulsion for a quite a while as all of were impressed with it.  Kim also mentioned the Portland Student Space Project that was there plus the Q&A with Paul Breed offering guidance.  Paul was one of the top speakers at the event and a favorite for each of us.  I brought up the concluding Saturday night dinner that Kim and I had with Joe Carroll. Joe is a really special guy and quite an "expert" on many topics.  We had a great working and productive and educational Japanese dinner with Joe, a true highlight of the conference as far as I was concerned.

Each guest offered some closing comments. Rick talked about having met with Henry and resuming Space Access for 2020 in Phoenix.  He mentioned dates in April but nothing even close to being confirmed at this time.  I also asked Rick, who helped run the conference, if some of the talks would be uploaded to a YouTube channel.  He did not know but said they did not secure permission from speakers to do that so he was not sure it would happen.  If it does happen, I will let Space Show listeners know about it. 

During our two our conversation we did manage to add in topics not discussed at the conference like the Bezos press conference which actually happened after the conference.  As you listen to this program, you will hear our add on comments.  Please post any comments and questions you might have on our blog.  I will make sure the guests see the comments and urge them to reply to the posts.




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13 May 2019 John Jossy, Kim Holder, Rick Kwan
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