Broadcast 1120 (Special Edition)

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Guest: OPEN LINES: Topics: China & U.S. debt, capital for NewSpace, VSE, low cost space access, business fundamentals, Phoenix Lights, UFOs. This was a busy Open Lines program as a result of the last minute cancellation by our Nigerian guest who was to talk about the African space program. In opening this Open Lines show, several topics were put on the table including the composition of the lunar surface, China and its concern over financing the U.S. deficit by purchasing government bonds and what this may mean for the U.S. and our interests in space development. Another topic was how best to go back to the Moon to stay. Listener Larry in Phoenix called in and we talked about the Phoenix Lights, advanced technology, and alien everything for about an hour. There was active listener participation in this segment ranging from the skeptic to the DOD black technology explanation for the Phoenix Lights, to questions wondering if the aliens were here to make a grab for Burt Rutan's technology. You do not want to miss this segment. We also talked about the African space program, to the degree that I knew something about it . A future Space Show focusing on space in Africa s being planned thanks to the listeners who sent me conference and other information about space programs in Africa. Later in the show, we talked about solid business planning, Kool Aid and wish list thinking, as well as the Field of Dreams space marketing approach for building infrastructure and such. See what you think of this discussion. I also directed listeners to a recent show with Dr. Marzwell about using public money to develop and implement advanced and new technology as such public investments create jobs, wealth, and build for the future. If you have any comments or questions about this Open Lines program or anything else, please let me hear from you at . The next Open Lines show is set for Sunday, March 29.



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13 Mar 2009 Dr. David Livingston
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