Broadcast 316 (Special Edition)

13 Mar 2005 Terry McNeeley & Bruce Behrhorst
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Terry McNeeley and Bruce Behrhorst from were the guests for this Space Show program. We began the interview by having Terry tell us why he formed this website, what the purpose was, how it has been received so far, and the issues addressed on this site. We then began a rather detailed discussion about the types of nuclear propulsion for space, its use in a launch vehicle here on Earth versus using it for deeper space travel, going to and from the Moon, the risks, the advantages, the costs, and more. Bruce and Terry described the SP-100 reactor, Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators (RTGs), and Reactor Power Systems. Both Bruce and Terry fielded numerous questions from listeners regarding safety, the environment, contamination, human exposure, disposal of waste material, and much more. We talked about the Russian space nuclear reactor program and compared it to what we are doing in the United States. We also talked about NASA's Project Prometheus and the Jupiter Icy Moons Project. This is an exceptionally important and fact filled program providing basic and more advanced information regarding the use of nuclear power for space development and exploration. As it is likely nuclear power will prove fundamental to our space development and exploration programs, it behooves us all to understand this technology so that we are not taken in by misinformation, fear mongering, and ideologically driven agendas. Both Terry and Bruce are certainly willing to field your questions, comments and concerns. You can contact them through their website address below or as always through



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