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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

The Space Foundation Conference

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Guests:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston;  Topics:  Multiple topics with numerous callers.  See the tags and key words for a good summary of this program's discussion topics.

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Welcome to Open Lines.  We had several quality phone call discussions with listeners, some of which were lengthy and full of information.  For a good summary of our discussion topics, please review the tags and key words.  For this program, there were lots more calls than emails.  I actually prefer that but what do you think?  How about posting your preference for calls or listener emails on the blog.

Kim from Mexico was the first caller.  She reported on the ISS experiment about long term frozen mouse sperm still being able to produce mouse pups in space.  Kim posted a good article about this experiment on the blog so do check it out.  Kim also talked about the military being interested in using Starship for rapid transportation of certain military hardware to important locations around the work in rapid time.  We talked about the likelihood of this happening, criticism of the plan, the challenge to launch to the west in the northern hemisphere, the potential risk due to the acoustic signature of the rocket plus more.  Another topic brought up by Kim was Relativity Space getting a large amount of funding for their 3D printed rocket, Terran 1. 

Marshall called after Kim.  The subject of space food and nutrition was of interest with mealworms being the target of the discussion and the food source being considered for space.  We even talked about it as a food source for a space tourism flight.  You certainly don't want to miss what Space Show callers thought of that idea.  Following Marshall, Ft. Worth John called to talk about general relativity and the Dr. Woodward Mach thruster work plus Tic Tac and the coming report to congress. John mentioned the work of Dr. Lance Williams regarding advanced propulsion.  I will be inviting Dr. Williams to the show so look for my notice if he accepts the invitation.  Dr. Woodward's work came up along with the previously mentioned Tic Tac and UAP report due around June 25.  John told us about a program on the Joe Rogan podcasts with ATIP and Tic Tac "expert, Chris Mellon.  You can hear his May 5th three hour podcast here:

Fremont John was the next caller.  John wanted to talk about the ISS article, the Starship acoustic signature, the upcoming Blue Origin New Shepherd flight with Mr. Bezos on board plus the Juno photos of Jupiter's moon Ganymede.  Also mentioned was a space tourist type of dating app out of New Zealand and the Zooniverse app to help find exoplanets with a hunter app.  In addition, John talked about jellyfish galaxies and SETI@home.  

Kim called again to respond to Marshall who introduced us to the mealworm meal in space topic.  Kim wondered just how much discomfort tourists and space settlers would accept, including meals consisting of insects, on their expensive space flights or voyages.  John did talk about tourists and settlement flights with the idea there would be lots of discomfort in the early years.  Fremont John called  talk with Kim about an Israeli company working on 3D printing simulated meat meals.  John said he would wait to have his 3D printed steak in space before eating insects.  Both had a few additional comments on the Terran 1 rocket which they said would be larger than the Falcon 9.  I asked them both if they would fly on a 3D printed rocket.  That resulted in a short end of show discussion on flying on any of the new rockets about to be tested for space tourism or human spaceflight.  Don't miss what each had to say about their willingness to strap in and go for the ride.

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Open Lines discussion on multiple topics

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13 Jun 2021 Dr. David Livingston
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference