Broadcast 508 (Special Edition)

13 Jun 2006 Mr. John King, Dr. Dave Logan
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John King and Dr. Dave Logan were the guests for this Space Show program. Our discussion focused on the fundamental structure of stable partnerships and adult business behavior so that we can do a better job of building the space industry. This program came about because of the trash talking and destructive behavior so often found in the space community. Mr. King, Dr. Logan, and I wanted to address the problem head on and come up with solutions. We discussed the lack of leadership issue in the space community, the challenges that delay much space progress, and the often teenage-like behavior of those within the space community. Mr. King and Dr. Logan pointed to solutions to do better within the environment, value system, culture, noble cause positioning, and in developing strategies that successfully take winning projects home. The idea of becoming a cross over hit was advocated. Organizational culture was discussed, the mud slinging which was identified as stage 3 cultural development was discussed (I'm great, you are not) and suggestions were made on how to work with people within our industry to change matters for the better, moving from Stage 3 to Stage 4. Don't miss this show. Its not technical or engineering oriented, but its about how best to develop a successful Space and public space world and community. John King can be reached using his email address, Dr. Dave Logan can be reached by email at



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