Broadcast 349 (Special Edition)

13 Jun 2005 Jeff Feige
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Jeff Feige was the guest for this special Monday night Space Show program to discuss the coming Return to the Moon (RTM) Conference in Las Vegas, NV. RTM is sponsored by The Space Frontier Foundation and will take place from July 21-23, 2005. Mr Feige shared with us the importance of the agenda for the conference and the relationship that the conference is striving to build with Nasa and the community. We discussed various speakers, panels, and topics, as well as displays that will be presented at RTM. The focus is on going back to the Moon with a theme of "Reality Check." Therefore, this year's RTM is focused on both the private and public sectors and what has to be done to actually establish near term success in returning to the Moon to stay. RTM affords us all the opportunity to show up and be counted with NASA and government representatives charged with implementation of the New Space Vision. Our strength is in our collective group and RTM allows us to maximize and leverage our strength. I urge all listeners to attend this conference. Register for the conference and hotel by visiting You can contact Jeff Feige by scrolling to the bottom of the conference webpage for his e-mail address or by sending your note to me at and I will forward it to him. I'll see you at RTM!



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