Broadcast 653 (Special Edition)

13 Jan 2007 David Beaver
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David Beaver was our special guest for this Space Show program. This interview is different than most interviews because David Beaver guided us through the use of new media, virtual worlds, and communications to change how we perceive, deal with, and integrate space in our consciousness and way of life. David stressed the "overview effect" as coined by Frank White in his famous book of the same title. As we addressed cognitive perception, many listeners participated with questions, comments, some resistance, lots of support and some paradigm challenges. Mr. Beaver also let us know about the special one day conference regarding the overview effect which will be one day prior to the Space Frontier Foundation annual conference in Washington, DC from July 18-21 ( You can also check out this work and conference at Our program with David Beaver discusses how to effectively use new media to help tell the best story possible about the need for becoming space-faring. At one point during the show, there was an exchange with David and a listener via chat regarding which is better, put the money and resources into building rockets and take people to space or put the money and resources into media to tell the story that then supports building rockets and going to space. You will not want to miss this exchange and how our guest responded to this line of questioning. Many other issues and topics around the overview effect were discussed. In addition, I added in my experiences from the Chabot Space and Science Center program with the Association of Space Explorers (ASE) benefit program from Saturday evening (the subject of the recent Space Show with Dr. Tom Jones and Rusty Schweickart) and told how the use of new media was incorporated into the ASE program to motivate and inspire people to become involved in the ASE cause for planetary defense against NEOs. Watching it unfold the night before this show was a compelling experience and I told the story to David and the listeners. David immediately grasped what had happened and effectively enhanced the story and the experience of my evening so that all listeners and David Beaver himself were in a sense experiencing the overview effect on The Space Show! Do not miss this program. Its a paradigm challenger and an entry into understanding some of what is taking place in front of us and all around us that can be harnessed to facilitate our becoming space-faring. You can email David Beaver with your comments and questions at



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