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  • The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Open Lines with Dr. David Livingston;  Topics:  Multiple topics with multiple callers plus those sending in email questions.  Follow the tags and key words for discussion topics.

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Welcome to our two segment two hour Open Lines discussion. We spent the majority of the first segment talking with Robert Jacobson, author if the excellent book, "Space is Open For Business."  Robert offer a special deal for listeners making a $100 contribution to The Space as he will include his book but listen to his complete offer.  Please ask for this offer when making your contribution by Pay Pal or by check.  Robert then proceeded to talk about the Virgin Galactic test flight that was cut short due to a problem.  We talked about suborbital space tourism delays and even did a short comparison of suborbital with orbital in terms of popularity.  Robert also talked about other companies possibly going public in 2021 using the same method Virgin Galactic used. Furthermore, Robert mention the SpaceX SN8 and SN9 tests plus a special White House memorandum to the National Space Policy.  You can read about it here on Parabolic Arc,

Additional topics discussed with Robert included the recent Starship tests and the Starlink launch.  Robert talked about his new business, Lunaprise, which you can check out on our blog.  Artemis was discussed and Robert mentioned by name a few of the astronauts named to be part of the Artemis mission.  Robert talked about his book, "Space Is Open For Business" and mentioned the audio version which is in the works.

We started Part 2 with a call from Marshall. Marshall continued his recent commentary about food supply in space.  Once again he talked about the number of acres per bushel of wheat to feed X number of people and wondered what the ratio would be for the ISS, a space station or habitat.  Marshall mentioned many statistics .   He talked about the ISS crew size, free space locations, and then suggested an equatorial location.  Don't miss all of his commentary.

Ft. Worth John called to ask some questions about what Robert had said. We then talked about the Jupiter Saturn Grand Conjunction, the SpaceX Starship demo flights plus additional random topics.  Fremont John called to bring up the subject of the innovative radiation resistant aluminum.  John posted the article on our blog as well as his blog.  I talked with John about Jupiter and Saturn given John's astronomy expertise.  Suborbital tourism, small sats, and small drones were also discussed.

Kim from Mexico was our finer caller. We talked about her coming on the show in a week on Sunday to debut her upgraded Moonwards work and to announce that before the show, there would be a Moonwards demo posted on our blog for listeners to try.  Kim talked about China on the Moon today along with their lunar return mission underway at this time.  We spoke about the long term need to be back on the Moon, cislunar development and more.

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13 Dec 2020 Dr. David Livingston
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