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The Space Foundation Conference

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Guest:  Open Lines; Topics:  Multiple topics ranging from the recent UAP congressional hearings to sex in space and protecting fetal development regarding a Mars mission plus additional topics.

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We welcomed back one of our special Open Lines programs where you the listener tell us what you want to talk about.  Use our tags to check out the multiple discussion topics for this program.  For your convenience the tags are repeated below.

Tags: Open Lines, UAP report by John Hunt, biologicals, meta materials, whistle blower testimony, Prof. Avi Loeb, New Horizons cancellation, Artemis budget cuts, National Space Society, Fermilab Muon g-2 experiment results, LEO pregnancy for Moon and Mars, sex in space, 1 g and fetal development, Mars compared to the Moon for fetal development, sex in space safety concerns, enforcement, China and fetal development in space, Russian UAP claims, UAP as global concern, nuclear energy for space.

We started with a call from John Hunt who wanted to update us on the recent UAP congressional hearing with the whistle blower.  John spent about 15 minutes or so going over the testimony and then talking with a few of the listeners, myself included about being skeptical that the truth will ever be revealed on this issue.  I did a rant on why I am skeptical and why I would have a hard time believing any evidence brought forward by the government, even if under subpoena. My position is nothing short of seeing the hard evidence because government has proven to be so very distrustful.  Let us know what you think by posting on the blog for this show.

Following John, John Jossy called to point out the NSS appeal for help given the government wants to cut off any more funding or work for the New Horizons mission team still exploring.  John explained the situation, told us where to find the NSS appeal and suggested ways on how best to communicate with your member of congress to keep New Horizons going.  As part of this discussion, an inquiry was made as to why NSS was not making a similar appeal for not cutting the NASA budget which could delay or harm the return to the Moon program with Artemis.  One comment on the blog says that they are not planning on reducing the budget, but John also shouted out to the Forbs Op Ed by Greg Autry about not cutting the budget 

Dr. Doug called next and took us almost to the end of the show. He talked about sex in space and the problems with fetal development in space and microgravity.  He suggested one could get back to Earth quickly if they discovered they were pregnant should they be in LEO, headed to the Moon or on the Moon but Mars was a different story.  Doug has given this situation lots of thought and provided us with much detail.  It was an extensive conversation which you will for sure want to hear.  Please respond to Doug via our blog for this show.

Before ending, we had a report on the Fermilab Muon g-2 experiment and the standard model, we had commentary on the Russian rumors regarding shooting down UAP craft, and Ajay called to talk about nuclear power and propulsion in space.  Before ending, I told everyone about a new Brandenburg reviewed paper being posted on the blog for this show.

Please post your comments/questions to the blog for this program.  Let me know if you want to reach any of the callers for this program.





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13 Aug 2023 Dr. David Livingston
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference