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Andrew Chanin; Topics:  The global space economic reports and performance, Exchange Traded Funds, commercial space risks, adding in the UAP (Tic Tac) risk, other potential EDT,  cyber matters, crypto matters. space tourism, suborbital space tourism, competition, and more.

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We welcomed back Andrew Chanin to discuss the space industry global economic performance despite the pandemic, space tourism with the introduction of both suborbital space tourism flights with Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic.  We started our discussion talking about the billionaires, their space investments and businesses plus their unconventional space race.  Our guest listed both positive and negatives so you might want to comment on his lists on our blog.  Also mentioned was the increase in the Virgin Galactic ticket price to $450K, up from approximately $200k.  We talked about the rational of such an increase and the fact that we don't actually have an competitive pricing information from Blue Origin.  I asked Andrew if he thought suborbital might get repeat customers.  He said he was unsure about that.  In addition, our guest was asked to take a look at future space tourism revenues five years out.  Do you agree with his potential estimates?  Risks was in deed part of this discussion.  Andrew identified safety as the biggest risk but listeners asked him about regulatory and litigation risks.  Listen to how he responded to the risk questions.  A few minutes later he was asked about increases in taxes and big changes in tax policy, things the new administration would like to set in place.  Andrew said taxes could dampen the investment climate.  The same when I mentioned our debt, inflation, and the possibility of rising interest rates.  The bottom line was that there were and are lots of economic uncertainties for commercial space at this time and probably for the coming years. 

Many other topics were mentioned or discussed.  I draw your attention to the key words and tags (I've done this before) and they provide a very good summary of what we discussed during our program and in the order or close to the order the item was talked about.  I am repeating the tags/key words hear for your convenience.

"Tags/Key Words:  Andrew Chanin, Space Foundation global space economy report, world space economy growth rates, space tourism sector, annual growth over ten years, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, billionaires in space, space rase, Virgin's new $450K tick price, suborbital space tourism repeat customers, space tourism value predictions, space tourism risk assessment, safety,  regulatory risks, litigation risks, communications, connectivity, satellite growth, capital flow to commercial space, US tax policy changes on space, inflation, debt, is commercial space a bubble, Virgin Galactic in the index ratings, network qualifications, pure play in space manufacturing, international interest in space investment opportunities, China, the SpaceX Inspiration 4 flight, space investments for retirement funds, UAP (Tic Tac) intelligence report, ProcureAM UAP disclosure statement, potential risk, take seriously, SST technology, hypersonic technology, cislunar development, ETF evolution, crypto funds, cyber issues and opportunities."

In addition to the tags, Fremont John had a great call with our guest about the index used by Andrew and the qualifications for a company to be on that list.  Later Andrew was asked if he thought commercial space investments were suitable for retiree investments.  Listen for the answer. Were you surprised by what you heard?  it was a real surprise to learn that ProcureAM and the ETFs including UFO now carry a disclosure for UAP risk given the release of the unclassified version of the UAP report from a few weeks ago. We are talking about Tic Tac for those of you not connecting the saucers.  Yes, there is now a UAP disclosure statement about UAP risk on their funds.  Listen carefully to how Andrew described this and to his explanation.  Your thoughts on this?  Step up to the blog and let us hear from you on this or any other matter.

After talking about the unknown of UAP flying objects, Andrew was asked about business opportunities with hypersonics or a new commercial SST flights.  Another listener asked him about cislunar development.  More was said about looking in the 5 year future for ETVs, the possibility of cyber or crypto funds in the future by someone in the industry.  We asked Andrew for a short summary of the program which he provided.

Please post your comments/questions on our blog for this program.  You can reach Andrew though me or his website at




Finance, investing, ProcureAM, the UFO ETF and more for commercial space

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13 Aug 2021 Andrew Chanin
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  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference

  • The Space Foundation Conference