Broadcast 537 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

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Jim Baker of Spacehab was the guest for this special Space Show program. Mr. Baker began the interview by giving us a history of Spacehab and then talking about the Apex program and their participation in COTS. He then spent some time explaining COTS to us so that we would clearly understand what the program is and is not. We spent a good portion of the program discussing cargo transport to the ISS, EELV usage, reusability, and related items. We also talked about the development of the ISS, alternate access to the station, MIR, comparisons with some of the MIR programming and facilities with ISS and even Space Station Freedom. Mr. Baker fielded many questions about NASA, the Vision for Space Exploration, we talked about politics and lobbying in the aerospace industry and much more. We also addressed what it is like working for different aerospace companies and how the culture of each company shows up in the workforce. Mr. Baker talked about commercial markets, even without the government or winning COTS. We also talked about suborbital tourism, its potential market, and its importance to developing space commerce. For comments and questions, please visit the Spacehab website at You can direct additional inquiries to Kimberly Campbell, Media and Public Relations, She will direct your email to Mr. Baker.



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13 Aug 2006 Jim Baker
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