Broadcast 1221 (Special Edition)

The Space Foundation Conference

12 Sep 2009 David Hook
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Guest: David Hook: Topics: Aviation and space security, corporate espionage, space tourism, no fly lists. David Hook returned as our guest for this Space Show program to discuss airport, aviation, general aviation, and space security post 9/11. In Segment 1, we started out by calling your attention to the series of interviews that Mr. Hook has done and does with people in the aviation and space industry. You can see these interviews at This led us to a discussion of the application of business fundamentals to the space industry. Both David and I talked about this but I also brought in some of my observations from having visited ATK to see the Ares 1 SRB static engine test. Mr. Hook took the opportunity to talk about a much needed ITAR reform and then we talked about corporate espionage in the aviation industry and in other industries. David related the corporate espionage to ITAR issues but we also talked about corporate espionage and security issues among American companies. As Segment 2 started, we continued with space security and commercial space as well as space tourism although as Mr. Hook pointed out, today most of the space security is focused on protecting the uninvolved public and property. We talked about the application of the Do Not Fly list to space travel and David made some interesting points so don't miss this discussion. We also talked about potential regulatory turf battles between TSA and the AST regarding space travel. Again, don't miss the discussion. As to security in general, he said that since 9/11, western societies in particular have had to learn and absorb a security consciousness. In response to a question about TSA searching grandmothers, he said everyone has to be treated as an equal, otherwise the terrorists would be able to exploit the weakness . In Segment 3, Mr. Hook spoke to us about the three elements of physical security which include consequences, threats and tactics, and vulnerabilities. We talked about the dollar value for risks as this allows the risks to be prioritized. Listeners asked him about the security tests that always seem to find breeches and security holes. You will want to hear what Mr. Hook had to say about this, security tests in general, and the need for them to be transparent, even when security is breeched. He brought to our attention recent efforts to require commercial aviation pilots to have an ID badge for each and every airport they use but this is under protest. He felt the need for identity security was less in general aviation. You will want to hear his reasoning on this. In Segment 4, we talked about security protocols now in place with private aircraft, pilots, airports, etc. In fact, insurance companies often require security enhancement for the planes, cockpits, and airports before they issue coverage. Listener Reda brought up the number of airports in the US and out of 20,000, only about 450 have TSA protection. Reda also asked about helicopter safety. Mr. Hook said that if some of the measures now being considered by congress are actually passed, it could be economically devastating for the general aviation industry. Its important to hear what Mr. Hook had to say about the regulatory potential facing this industry. The AOPA was brought as was a program that the organization supports, the Air Watch Program. Another listener brought up issues such as the Osprey and how vehicles like this may be designed for safety from the start. In his concluding remarks, David Hook stressed the need to run airports as a business and he said that people are the bottom line to security be it for aviation or space. If you have questions or comments for David Hook, please send them to him at



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