Broadcast 1015 (Special Edition)

12 Sep 2008 Dr. Steve Harrington, Max Vozoff, Diane Murphy
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Guests: Diane Murphy, VP of Marketing and Communications, and Max Vozoff, Senior Mission Manager, both for SpaceX, were the guests for the first segment of this AIAA Space 2008 program in San Diego, CA. We start this first segment talking with Diane about the new developments with SpaceX and her joining the company as VP of Marketing and Communications. We then turned our focus to Max to talk with us about Falcon 1, Falcon 9, Dragon, and COTS. Max answered many technical questions and provided us with much information. I asked him to explain how Falcon 9 could move forward when there has yet to be a successful Falcon 1 launch. You will certainly be interested in his response to this question, I sure was! We also talked about engine testing at their Texas facility, plus the remodeling going on at the pad at the Cape known as Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40). Max brought us current with COTS, Dragon, Falcon 9 engine testing, and much more. This discussion featuring Diane Murphy and Max Vozoff is an important one. Don't miss it. If you have a comment or question for Diane, please email her at . If you have a comment or question for Max, please send it either to Diane or me at . For additional information, please visit . Dr. Steve Harrington, CEO of Flometrics, returned to the show for updates and a surprising discussion about engineering education in the United States. Steve provided us with an alternative view on how we provide college education for engineering students. Do not miss this discussion. We also learned about his pistonless pump progress and what he has to say about the process of getting real build-out experience for engineering students with the opportunity to both fail and succeed. Steve also tells us about making a rocket for the recent MythBusters television show in order to refute the Moon hoaxers and their arguments. Steve's rocket story for MythBusters is a terrific one, do not miss it. For questions and comments for Dr. Harrington, please email him at . For additional information, please visit .



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