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Guest:  Michael Castle-Miller:  Topics:  The NSS Space Settlement Event and Business Plan Competition plus an examination of Michael's concept known as the Lunar Development Cooperative.

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We welcomed Michael Castle-Miller to the program to discuss the NSS Space Settlement event but primarily to discuss with us his concept of the Lunar Development Cooperative (LDC).  Note that there is a 19 minute video of him describing the LDC posted to the blog for this show.  During the program, Michael suggested we review other material and a longer video at his website,  In addition, check out this PDF paper on the LDC,  For yet another description, here is an excellent EU presentation:  Since almost all of the discussion centered around the LDC, to effectively summarize the program I will repeat tags and key words and mention some of the other topics though they were few and far between.

Tags and key words:  Michael Castle Miller, NSS Space Settlement Event, Rothblatt Business Plan Competition, O'Neill space settlement, space tourism, space shuttle derailment, government as a minimum actor, PPP, SSP potential, Moonwards, LEO settlement, lunar settlement, Lunar Development Cooperative (LDC), LDC Oversight, lunar concerns, Outer Space Treaty, China, LDC and competition, understanding naysayers, making sure of responsible lunar development, business models, long term investment, LDC and short term needs, stake holders in the LDC, LDC loss of value, LDC risk mitigation strategy, LDC shareholder caps, analog simulation, avoiding the top down.

The program started with a review of the recently concluded National Space Society Space Settlement Event with the Rothblatt Business Plan Competition won by Kim at Moonwards.  This discussion mentioned space tourism, O'Neill cylinders for settlement and the role of government, specifically in Private Public Partnerships.  After this discussion, we turned to the LDC with Michael explaining to us what it is, why it is needed, and the intricacies of how it will work.  We had multiple email calls but it was not until Kim sent me a note that the toll free line was perpetually busy did I fix the problem and we started getting callers, first with Kim.  Kim was the business plan competition winner so some of her call was on that topic but she has some very good and very serious questions for Michael about the LDC and its operation. In addition, emails questions were coming in about the structure Michael was telling us about, sharing owner ship, oversight issues, share value, control, government and organizations plus others and much more.  Rather than try to go through it in summary form, I urge you to listen to Michael, watch the videos and listen to the caller and email questions.  Post your questions and comments for Michael on the blog and I will make sure he sees them.  Near the end of the show, he gave out his email address should someone want to get on board and/or contact him direct.

One of the questions that caught my attention came up in the Q&A with Kim.  She was talking about how Michael was assigning or saying value would be created for the LDC but Kim pointed out that if new technology and different capabilities came into place, resources might be available elsewhere than the Moon which would lower the value of the LDC.  I believe water was an example.  Listen to how Michael responded to a loss in value for the LDC.  Kim asked a great question.  What do you think?  Let us know by posting on the blog. 

Fremont John called to build on the Q&A that Kim developed.  John was asking about more or less the possibility of unlimited resources free space with an O'Neill like settlement.  Michael listened to all of what John was talking about but when John asked him if there was anyplace on Earth that had a successful structure like system to what he was proposing, our guest mentioned the Hong Kong Transit Authority controlling surrounding property, thus setting a high value for the property.  Listen to all of this discussion, then comment on the blog.  Of course most locations, even outside the U.S., have private property along side transit and other community service facilities  I'm not sure how Michael's example works unless government were to own and control all the land along the transit or item in question right of way, even on the Moon.  Please elaborate if you can.  How does what he suggests work with private property ownership?

Michael provided us with a summary and conclusion after more listener Q&A discussion.   One thing he said when concluding was that we had to avoid top down distribution.

Please post your comments/questions on the blog for this show.  You can reach our guest through me, his website address per some of the above links and videos, and the address he gave out on air at the end of the show. 




NSS space settlement, Lunar Development Cooperative

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12 Nov 2021 Michael Castle Miller
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