Broadcast 623 (Special Edition)

12 Nov 2006 Dr. Edgar Mitchell
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Dr. Edgar Mitchell was the the guest for this Space Show program. I started the interview and discussion with Dr. Mitchell by asking a question I have been asking many guests of late, that is how do we make space a transforming place not just for science, engineering, technology, and commerce, but also for the betterment of humanity and the people on the Earth. That led to a wide ranging discussion about consciousness, the role of space in consciousness and our spirituality (this program was one in a series of The Space Show and Our Spirituality). Dr. Mitchell spoke from his own experiences on the Moon, returning to Earth, and his work since his Apollo 14 flight in 1971. We talked about the Institute of Noetic Science that he founded (see, meditation to simulate his perception of seeing himself as a world citizen when he was looking at returning to Earth, not just a citizen of America. We discussed the reactions of other Apollo astronauts to the same issues Dr. Mitchell talks about and his experiences to learn that Dr. Mitchell was not unique in what he experienced or in his new perceptions but he was one of the few who spoke about it and expressed himself. We asked Dr. Mitchell about going back to the Moon and on to Mars and the program being implemented to carry out this vision by NASA. You will find his response and comments to these questions most interesting. Dr. Mitchell talked about the sustainable concept, again, this is something you will not want to miss. In response to a listener question, we spoke about the possibility of a space leader emerging for us all, much in the way we have had leaders come to us from the political, religious, commercial, and other disciplines in humanities and science. Dr. Mitchell believes this might be possible some day. We spoke with Dr. Mitchell about many of his experiences, thoughts, and wishes about his activities on the surface on the Moon. We spoke about the computer power the astronauts had to take them to the Moon versus the computer power we have today, even in our cell phones. I asked Dr. Mitchell about experiencing fear on the trip to the Moon and his response is one you will definitely want to hear. Dr. Mitchell strongly urges us all to be open to new experiences and to not prejudge such experiences. If you want to ask Dr. Mitchell a question or send a comment to him, please do so through me at Visit his website for more information at



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