Broadcast 348 (Special Edition)

12 Jun 2005 Dr. Jim Pass
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Dr. Jim Pass was the guest for today's Space Show. Dr. Pass, through his website, is promoting the development of the field astrosociology for space development. As this subject is new to most of us, Dr. Pass began the interview with an in-depth explanation what astrosociology is about, its origin, and most importantly, its significance for our space development program, both public and private. Dr. Pass responded to numerous listener questions regarding the subject as well as myths and historical relationships falling into the realm of the sociology discipline. We talked about the challenge of getting astrosociology accepted by the American Sociological Association and professional groups as well as academic programs. Dr. Pass offered theories as to why the professional organization has been slow to recognize this field and his theory is not unlike what many experience with out of the box or unusual scientific or engineering theories regarding space and rocket development. This is definitely a subject you will want to know more about and I believe it is a subject we will be hearing about more and more frequently in the coming months and years. Don't miss this program, its the first Space Show program to address astrosociology and I am certain that will not be the last! Listeners can reach Dr. Pass for questions, more information and comments by sending an inquiry through his website at or by sending your note to me at and I will see to it that it is forwarded to him.



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