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Guest:  Dr. John Brandenburg;  Topics:  Death on Mars due to huge nuclear bomb explosions, advanced propulsion, beam technology, remote viewing of Mars, XE and Iodine isotopes in the Martian atmosphere,  Woodward Mach thrusters & more.

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We welcomed Dr. John Brandenburg back to the program for a one segment 1 hour 53 minute wide ranging discussion about the nuclear bomb destruction of Mars, isotopes in the Martian atmosphere, advanced propulsion and much more.  During the first part of our discussion, Dr. Brandenburg (also referred to as Dr B) out lined his theory about large nuclear bomb like explosions that destroyed an ancient Martian civilization more than 100 million years ago.  He talked about the evidence which pertains to XE and Iodine isotopes in the Martian atmosphere which were also present as a result of H Bomb explosions here on Earth. He says the only other way for these isotopes to be there would be from a supernova which we know did not happen for obvious reasons.  A further piece of evidence he cited was the Allende meteorite that showed the same XE 129 as the Martian atmosphere.  Listen to what he said about this famous meteoritee. 

Besides talking the physics and technical side of the nuclear bombs on Mars hypothesis, John went into great detail as to why he brought this subject public at great risk to himself and his career.  He told us that after having worked in the nuclear weapons program for years with very high security classifications, he  realized how deadly and devastating these weapons could be, saw what probably happened on Mars through some sort of nuclear destruction of the planet so he decided to write about it in his Death On Mars and other books to help prevent any of this from happening on Earth.  He says he has kids and they have kids and he wants to do his part to assure such nuclear destruction never happens here. Over and over again during our program he said that was his motivation. 

We discussed other topics during our discussion with Dr. B.  For example, John Hunt called for updates with the Woodward Mach Thruster work as Dr. B is involved with that project.  Dr. B provided us with an update.  I brought up recent comments on EM drive by people getting the newsletter put out by Dr. Woodward so we talked some EM drive but without any conclusions.  For advanced propulsion and breakthrough propulsion, Dr. Hal Puthoff was mentioned, especially when Dr. B was asked about people having remove viewed Mars regarding the nuclear bomb hypothesis.  Dr. Puthoff was key in developing remote viewing plus he has been involved with very advanced propulsion technologies so Dr. B not only talked about Dr. Puthoff but responded to the remote viewing questions and other advanced propulsion concerns.  This discussion evolved into a basic physics discussion when I asked Dr. B to explain frequency to us since some of the questions coming in were dealing with materials that vibrated at a certain frequency. 

Dr. B talked about his GEM Unification Theory and his having found Big G which he has described on other Space Show programs plus here as well.  Science fiction came up as I asked Dr. B for a progress report on turning some of his sci-fi books into movies.  We then turned our attention to Dr. B to comment on the Navy Tic Tac events that have been talked about on The Space Show.  Dr. B was very familiar with Tic Tac and the suggested technology, plus the disinformation process along with what he said was the start of disclosure.  Don't miss all of what he said on this subject which continued on and off for the balance of the program.  Dr. B went back and forth with his GEM Unification Theory and then referenced the Neil Bohr Model.  This brought up peer review, scientists stepping outside the orthodoxy and what happens to them. In this light, Dr. Avi Loeb was mentioned along with the fact that Einstein was at the patent office outside of academia when he submitted his famous work.  Dr. B was asked if his having adopted unorthodox positions on Mars had hurt him in anyway.  Don't miss what he said about this in response to my question.  There was much more to this discussion than what is in my summary so do make sure you listen to the entire program.

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12 Jul 2019 Dr. John Brandenburg
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