Broadcast 1189 (Special Edition)

12 Jul 2009 Dr. Matt Colborn
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Guest: Dr. Matt Colborn. Topics: space art and illustration, science fiction, Space Cynics, NewSpace critiques & solutions. Dr. Matt Colborn joined us from the UK for this Space Show program. If you recall, Dr. Colborn posed a question on Space Cynics a few months past regarding the Cynics criticizing NewSpace without offering solutions to the problems they cited. The Cynics responded to Matt's comment by putting up on Cynics responses and The Space Show has featured programs focused on those responses. Matt contacted The Space Show as a result of these programs and in exchanging notes with him, he was asked to be a guest on The Space Show to discuss in his comment and to talk about space art and illustration, space enthusiasm in the UK, writing space related science fiction, and much more. Dr. Colborn writes the blog Cosmic Citizen which you can visit at In addition, check out the International Association for the Astronomical Arts (IAAA) at We started our discussion by addressing Matt's comments on his Space Cynics post. Most of the long first segment of this two hour program dealt with Matt's assessment of NewSpace, some of its problems and challenges, the infighting that goes on within the community (I told a recent story to verify some of the infighting), we talked about providing solutions, not just criticism. See what you think about what Matt and I said. Also, if you have not done so, visit the Space Cynics blog at and check out the comments regarding Matt's April 28 post and what Old Space Cadet and Money Cynic had to say. My comments are buried within the actual commentary to Matt's original post. After addressing Matt and Space Cynics, we turned to his art, illustrations, and science fiction writing. He received several listener questions relating to starting out with space art, how he selects an illustration project, the commercial market for space art in the UK and even the differences in the market for universe picture type space art versus humans in space type art. We also talked about hard science fiction which is science fiction that closely follows the laws of physics as opposed to general science fiction which takes far more liberties and artistic license with physics, engineering, etc. This is an interesting discussion which I am sure you will enjoy and learn from as did I. We also talked about space advocacy and organizations in the UK and lobbying the UK Parliament for space legislation. If you have comments or questions for Dr. Matt Colborn, you can send them to him at



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