Broadcast 788 (Special Edition)

12 Jul 2007 Dr. Pierre-Alain Schieb, Dr. Henry Hertzfeld
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Dr. Henry Hertzfeld and Dr. Pierre-Alain Schieb were the guests for this special Space Show program to discuss the Space 2030 reports talked about frequently on the program. The Space 2030 reports were issued by the Organization For Economic Co-Operation And Development (OECD) and our two guests were on the team that studied and issued these reports. As Dr. Schieb explained early in the program, the main goals of OECD were to help create a path for needed space infrastructure development and to facilitate a friendly business environment for space development. With help from the listeners, we explored the behind the scenes OECD work, intentions, conclusions, and recommendations for space development. As the OECD sees space as a tool to be used to better economic development for countries here on Earth and to enable technologies, you will want to hear this program. We also talked about how these reports are used by member governments and others. Later in the program listeners asked about launch rates, the return to the Moon program and even going on to Mars though the OECD reports do not address the manned space program at this time. Also brought up were the UN treaties and their possible impediment to space development. The Law of the Sea Treaty was also mentioned. In response to a listener question, Dr. Schieb said that of the applications looked at by the OECD, broadband was the lions share, perhaps as much as 70-80% of the business. We also talked about what can be done now versus what has to be created for applications to be useful in the future. Many other issues and subjects were discussed making this an important Space Show to hear. Listeners can send follow up comments or questions Dr. Hertzfeld or Dr. Schieb through me at or to Dr. Hertzfeld at and Dr. Schieb at Visit and in the search box in the upper right corner, type in Space 2030 and you will go to much of their space document publication section.



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