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Guest:  Dr. Livingston with multiple callers & email users; Topics:  See the tags but we covered multiple topics, sometimes with fairly long phone calls.

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Welcome to Open Lines.  Our program today was nearly two hours based upon several long phone calls, one dealing with Starship and Musk Mars plans with an additional call from Doug talking with Fremont John about his analysis of the speed and timeline Musk would take to build a fleet of Mars capable human certified Starship vehicles. Doug and John had quite the discussion plus you will want to pay attention to Doug's analysis regarding a potential Starship fleet.  The other call that was time consuming came about because of our discussion regarding the Chinese spy balloon and surrounding issues of the shoot down, Chinese espionage in the U.S., the use of the F-22 and other issues.  The primary caller, Ft. Worth John, had lots to say. Before his retirement from Lockheed, John was a key member of the F-22 team so he fielded a few questions as to why it was being used as the shooting fighter.  While much of this discussion was speculation given none of us have inside info or security clearances, it was still interesting.

Initially Freemont John called to tell us about the posts by Dr. Kevin Canon, also a previous Space Show guest, about his noticing some changes with SpaceX, Starship, commentary and such that Kevin suggested might indicate Musk changing his timeline and priority about humans to Mars.  John posted Kevin's blog comments on TSS blog for this program so you can check them out yourself and come to your own conclusion. Let us know what you think by posting your comments on our blog for this show.  

We did talk about other topics.  One issue I brought up was the expiration of the commercial space learning curve re regulations which happens on Oct. 1.  Bill called in to tell us that the NSS March Storm was addressing that as its first item for lobbying congress March 3-5.  Bill also attempted to answer the question that came up during the Lurio program and on the program Friday with Marshall regarding being able to adjust and change the aim of the SSP power beam back to Earth.  While Bill admitted to not being an engineer, his response was logical but we are open to other opinions on the matter.

Finally, there was some talk about Superbowl Sunday and Space Show program scheduling plus a few listeners, myself included, talked about our planning to watch the game.  Did you watch it?

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12 Feb 2023 Dr. David Livingston
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